‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Lawyer Joins Mueller Probe

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“An attorney working on the Justice Department’s highest-profile money-laundering case recently transferred off that assignment in order to join the staff of the special prosecutor investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia, POLITICO has learned.

Attorney Kyle Freeny was among the prosecutors on hand Friday as Jason Maloni, a spokesman for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, testified before a grand jury at federal court in Washington.”


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21 Responses

  1. Marilyn Pizziferri says:

    Jeff, you need a speech coach. Your message is needed, work on the delivery.

  2. chiajoe gm says:

    This shows Mueller is fuck up not able to find any direct link to Russia to tarnish Trump. It should stop and Muller should be kick out. Why is he being allowed to run around like a mad dog ?.

  3. Te Michaels says:

    Fckn nothing burger…. Hate that term. It's so baby boomer cliche.

  4. the noob of games says:

    that shirt fire

  5. cgcmaster says:

    Don't forget Trump met with the fertilizer king of Russia on his private plane on a runway next to a trump rally before the plane flew done to Miami to meet with Mercer on his yacht. Mercer trumps benefactor and Brietbart owner is a Russian supporter and engineer of the Brexit vote.

  6. Carabel Conchas says:

    Yeah! Amazing video mang. Keep it up!

  7. TheScholar74 says:

    Anyone else get the unskippable Dinesh ad for Prager?

  8. Mcfishy First says:

    As Koch brothers stack use congress men

  9. fallspeed says:

    Mueller was 12 years in the USMC, a platoon commander in Vietnam, awarded the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Donnie had a bad foot and played soldier in school. This is not even a fair fight, lol

  10. Dav Bain says:

    I don't know anything about Manafort and money laundering but I do know that a number of lobbying firms in DC lobbied on behalf of the Ukraine including the Podesta Group. Regards to Felix Sater – Trump. What I don't understand is that when Comey, then Lynch, were AG for SDNY or EDNY, and they had Sater convicted and Trump in their cross hairs, why didn't the prosecute Trump then? I've heard numerous story's about Trump connected with money laundering, one was that the Italian crime families referred to Trump Tower as the Laundry Mat. A number of NYC RICO / Mafia Prosecutors now sit on Mueller's team and never brought charges against Trump. Regards to money laundering. I'm sorry but if Mueller is going to nail Trump for letting investment companies launder through his realestate projects then he better go after Jamie Diamond, HSBC and other Banks and builders that launder millions if not billions from China, India, Africa, Turkey, Russia and drug Cartels. Eric Holder fined HSBC for $1.5 billion which some speculate as being just 6 months money laundering profit for the bank. A slap on the hand. It is estimated China launders $30 million a month through YSA banks and realestate – some of it for N Korea. Like drugs, money laundering is a billion dollar industry in the USA associated with big names. That doesn't excuse Trump if he knowingly laundered money but he is a pimple. This is a witch hunt … what was a Russian collusion Investigation has metastasized into a get Trump at any and all costs. Something we all should be fearful of. Some of the US prosecutors have been brought up on ethics charges. Of the many cases cited two stand out. #1 Arthur Anderson – ENRON. The DOJ gave them the death penalty,80,000 lost their jobs and 3 years later SCOTUS overturned the verdict based on the DOJ prosecutor lied. #2 DOJ Prosecutors hid evidence beneficial to the defense for two years. Judge overturned the verdicts meanwhile 4 Meryl Lynch execs spent 2 years of their lives in prison. – Nothing happened to the DOJ Prosecutors, in fact, they got promoted. That's scary.

  11. Karen Skinner says:

    I've been watching you more and more. I like what I'm hearing. Thanks for spilling the truth.

  12. Harry Hightower says:

    I love that movie i watch it a lot …. man am i glad we still have honorable people like Mueller that know what to look for and will do it all legally and won't give up . oyea the house and senate passed the defense bill for 700 billion for 2018 … all that's needed now it trump to sign it owell .. I guess the people lost that one .

  13. adrat8339 says:

    Hey how about fixing that rattling microphone stand! You got this nice stand and mount, and now something loose is defeating the purpose.

  14. Hezekiah Ramirez says:


  15. TR Farmer says:

    Hmm Boycott KOCH Industry Products Every day every way

  16. B. Chan says:


  17. 3star2nr says:

    Go Mueller go!!

  18. Richie Sahlin says:

    Can I get a Something Burger with Russian Dressing on the side with some treason to go with it?

  19. Zach Davis says:

    Russia kept trump from bankruptcy. They own him

  20. Marcos Moreno says:

    Tick tock tick tock Trump!!!!

  21. Bt Paulie says:

    Hungry like a wolf

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