Why is AMD Stock and the rest of the Stock Market going down?

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Welcome to my world of stocks!!!
My name is Ale, and today, we are talking all about AMD stock and why it continues to drop and struggle. AMD stock is very volatile right now, right along with the rest of the stock market, so we’ll be looking at the reasons why. Hit the like button if you enjoy the video! 🙂

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18 Responses

  1. Ale's World of Stocks says:

    In this video, we talk about AMD, the broader market, Trump, Xi, the trade fight, the yield curve, and all sorts of interesting things! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Larivari says:

    I bet Mr. T's close friends made a lot of money by simply shorting the market… since they knew what's going to happened…

  3. asdfpslund says:

    Nice presentation of the info. Thanks for your efforts!

  4. ismael loreto says:

    At what price do you consider AMD to be a good price to get in? Do you have any comments on roku?

  5. BABY - Become A Better You says:

    It really hurts to see our portfolios go down so much, but we'll keep hanging in there and trying to build up that cash position.

    Great job, on the channel progress btw, happy to see you grow, you deserve it!

  6. r4ym1n13 says:

    The 10 & 2 yield curve is getting dangerously close to inverting. 2019 gonna be a roller coaster

  7. sean kim says:

    Hi ale, what website are you using to view the chart of AMD in this video?

  8. hiphop head says:

    good analysis , I would like to point one important report you missed, amd cpu's outsold intel 2 to 1 in germany's biggest retailer ( which in a way reflects markets ) it might not be 2 to 1 in the US but amd is definitely selling more than intel. as for intel their 10 nm won't be out before late q3 or early q4 if they are not lying, remember they've been trying to get 10nm to market since 2015 and failing miserably lol. the desktop market will se a bigger swing in amd's favor with the 7nm coupled with intel facing supply issues with their current 14nm (2019 will be really bad for intel)

  9. WoerthMore Investing says:

    AMD is great for day trading, I’m playing it safer on the long side…. I think a balanced chipmaker ETF is the way to play the sector cause the market is so nasty.

  10. Amit Anand says:

    Thanks Ale for the detailed analysis on AMD. Which one is better prospect AMD @16 or Nvidia @ 140? I’m looking for some entry point into chips.

  11. Rebecca Calkins says:

    Thank you Ale for the great presentation and insights. It will help me make better choices in the days to come. I do think the market will pick back up when the business world starts to prove the bearish sentiment to be misplaced. There is a lot of great technology out there that is going to give us a much better world of tomorrow, and the market will go back to reflect that at some point.

  12. Farhat h says:

    Hey Al good insight on AMD !! I am sure deal will be made but I am not sure how market sentiment will be back that be a challenge Now just for Curosity I have done a ton of research on NIO and would like to know your insight on NIO it has done really great and the Company is progressing a lot would love to see a new video o it !! Thanks

  13. dawson merrill says:

    Great video Ale! Would you suggest someone who just started with an initial $2500 investment at 21 years old should just save up another few thousand for a “future crash” or just keep slowly adding to the portfolio weekly/biweekly like I have been

  14. Neil S says:


  15. Dawson says:

    Am I the only one on here without any stocks?

  16. Dawson says:

    I know Patriot one isn’t big enough to talk about but there stocks have been like OOF the last couple weeks

  17. ThePokerSurfer says:

    That’s the problem with fake news and naysayers alike manipulating investors into forecasting a bear market vs as you say and I agree a normal correction (2017 digestion into new all time highs IMHO).
    FED now dovish
    China tariff issue will be remedied
    S&P record earnings growth continuing into 2020.
    Unemployment at an all time low
    Inflation no where in sight

    Fun fact: only two times in history the stock market went from all time highs to a bear market

    Come Dec 20, FED cuts rates?
    On Jan 3 2001 FED out of the blue cuts rates guess what happens that day? The Nasdaq alone closes up over 14%!

  18. iMotion Media says:

    That's happening to the entire stock market not only AMD

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