We Have a 149% Interest Rate on a Loan!

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We Have a 149% Interest Rate on a Loan!

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47 Responses

  1. Silli Billi says:

    He is actually suggesting she use a credit card

  2. Silli Billi says:

    get a credit card, balance transfer

  3. Spooks M says:

    i accidently disliked the video for a quick second, not because of dave but because of the interest rate!!!!

  4. Great advise Dave Ramsey!!!!

  5. FLYBOY805 says:

    BOOKMARK THIS AND SHOW THIS TO MY Credit card Fearing friends .

  6. Melvinnn11 says:

    wow….. nothing like a bit-O-tough love
    Dave was like……. B**ch….you stupid
    (almost as good as MGK's diss on Eminem last week) ok ….where my urban folks at))

  7. The one instance where D. Ramsey recommends a credit card.

  8. jvolstad says:

    After the credit card is paid off, just use it for gas and groceries. Pay the balance in full each month.

  9. I’ll starve to death before I pay 149% interest.

  10. WOW…her husband is stupid, is she sure she wants to be raising a child with an idiot like that. I feel sorry for the child!

  11. That's like a Payday loan! I seen that they are around 200%!!!

  12. RD D says:

    i stop using the bank for loans, I use my 401k loan , but don't touch my 457 loan.

  13. o_O Dod Dave just advocate using a Credit Card?!

  14. 2Bad4Grandpa says:

    That's stupid,  even Dave Ramsey can't help there, imagine how her face would look if he told her they should tide 10 percent to the church first! XD

  15. savvy says:

    149% interest rate, that's a crime.(if not it should be)

  16. Kiki Lou says:

    When I used to work at a bank, people were talking and crying about this type of loan(payday loan). The highest interest I have heard of was 649%….

  17. I started laughing as soon as I read the title.

  18. I thought this was clickbait, but good lord…..

  19. It’s not illegal the company should have a business license

  20. Mark NC says:

    This interest rate has to be usurious.

  21. ASimoneau says:

    Vito the Legbreaker is laughing at that interest rate.

  22. Cam Mims says:

    Has anybody ever Fb Dave? whats the best way to get him to read my Comment and Reply? and hopefully get it Posted on Youtube!?

  23. She should shoot her husband for his low IQ. Pray that the child isn't as stupid. If it is… keep the gun handy and do a mercy killing. What's next 500% interest rate that compounds everyday. That caller is out there. Please, call in soon.

  24. You know you're in deep $#!+ when dave ramsey recommends you get a credit card to clean up the mess.

  25. bluezedd says:

    here in the UK, payday loans can charge over 2000% interest.

  26. pagalhokya says:

    I would try for a 0% card. I paid my student loans like that without interest. Had to avoid interest due to religious beliefs, ended up paying my loans without interest and have always had a hatred toward debt due to association with interest. It's literally financial slavery.

  27. So not only did they sign up for a loan with 149% interest but it took them a year to realize they were paying down the loan but the balance wasn't moving? Yikes.

  28. He actually said get a credit card! Thats a first

  29. What a stinkin nightmare.

  30. Probably, Rise Credit.

  31. Shawnte Bell says:

    This was the shortest Dave Ramsey video I've ever seen. He was over her after the 149% interest rate!

  32. jcrowley1985 says:

    Is that rate even legal?

  33. asapstan says:

    149 percent shouldn't be legal.title loans places are around 130% and they have collateral!

  34. 149%!!! I thought loan sharks were a thing of the past!!! This should be illegal!!!

  35. tim pike says:

    Did Dave just tell someone to get a credit card! I know it’s mathematically smart in this situation but never thought I’d hear them words come out of his mouth!

  36. My net worth dropped just reading the title

  37. First time I’ve ever heard Dave Ramsey say “get a credit card”

  38. 30 years ago, I learned in school there were usury laws on the books, that protected the public against outrageous interest rates like this. Have these laws been repealed???

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