Walking Dead Chappelle’s Show – SNL

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Negan (Dave Chappelle) readies to take out Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon or another memorable Chappelle’s Show character.

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24 Responses

  1. Абрахам says:

    Chuck Taylor whispering to Clayton bigsby…."It sure is"

  2. Asheen Faisal says:


  3. Kutyu Kutyu says:

    this aint even funny….sad

  4. Tony Smith says:

    This was ass

  5. Jason Smith says:

    Tekken 7 and deception do crack heads brought me here

  6. DemonRage90 says:

    President black bush, Rick James, should've been there as well lmao.

  7. Van Thomas says:

    Well, well, well a NIGGA NAMED NEGAN.

  8. John Kikianis says:

    2:10 the greatest moment in SNL in the last 10 years

  9. Garrett MasSk says:

    The lil jon chapelle has me dying!! UGLY ass character you be making Dave shits funny ass hell!!!

  10. Wendy Hunter says:

    Kill us for What!!! Chappelle…. MAGA….

  11. Knife Nut says:

    SNL= So Not Laughable.

  12. Layne says:

    tfw one of the best SNL sketches in the last 3 years was actually a Chappelle Show sketch

  13. Maggie McCoy says:

    Bahahahha, why the fuck am I just seeing this??

  14. Levi Battis says:

    When life can go on. Then you get friend who let you stay with them and find out they trump supporters. America Bois.

  15. L Breezy says:

    "I know that smell anywhere, frustration and coco butter. Looks like we got a negra amongst us". LMAO!

  16. Not so PG says:

    " I was crushed "

  17. Clogmia B says:

    His comedy changed a lot. It’s like the new spongebob episodes.

  18. ramces resto says:

    Its awesome to see Dave back at it this just shows that clone shit about him is nonsense it looks and sounds exactly like he did years ago

  19. Moseh Khayim says:

    OH GOD NO!

  20. Brent Mcnutt says:

    “As the white boys say on the internet..what are those?” Lol to funny

  21. Jugger Frog says:

    Lol i laughed my butt off

  22. dawn vfx says:

    act like this a joke bruh crackheads really out here w superpowers lmfao

  23. Bubba DooM says:

    12:46 AM 11/18/2018

  24. Carlos Anaya says:


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