Tuesday: AU Q3 GDP & Carney Speaks

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Let’s take a look at the potential FX market movers scheduled for publication on Tuesday, the 4th of December.
Swiss Consumer Price Index for November opens this agenda at a quarter past 8 AM. Prices were up by point 2% in October after gaining one tenth of a percent in September.
Sterling traders will be monitoring closely the high importance Treasury Committee evidence session with Mark Carney on the economic impact of the EU Withdrawal Agreement at 9:15 AM.
UK Construction PMI stats for November will then be available 15 minutes later. The index rebounded in October after moving lower for two months in a row.
Euro Zone Producer Price Index for October is out at 10 AM. Producer prices have been growing rapidly since May and markets estimate another rise this time around as well.
Australian GDP stats for the third quarter could shake up the Ozzy Dollar at a half past midnight. Economy expanded at a faster than expected rate of point 9% in the second quarter to stand 3.4% up from a year ago level.
Chinese Services PMI for November wraps up this agenda at 1:45 in the morning. The Caixin measure took a slide in October and it stands just slightly above the 50-level.
I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s all for Tuesday’s Economic Calendar. Bye for now.

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