Trump open to a deal with China to end trade war

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US President Donald Trump said he was happy to hold talks with China after imposing a 10% tariff on about $200bn of Chinese imports and threatening to increase the rate to 25 per cent in 2019

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14 Responses

  1. Wolf Slayer says:

    Made in China still means programed and designed to break down and give you the run around etc…hmmm

  2. Steven Hou says:

    US talks too much. trade war is good and easy to win, so, just fight, don't talk.

  3. This is an issue that should have been addressed a long time ago. China is not an open market, it is restricted by policy. It should be no surprise that Trump is making these moves. Either China is a truly open market or the world needs to treat it as a restricted market and is forced out of the WTO.

  4. A open trade as a treaty by China with America.

  5. China doesn't trust trump anymore, he lies too much, no one should ever trust him……especially his wife

  6. chf gbp says:

    China is not though.

  7. whyno713 says:

    Let me guess, the new deal with China will be similar to where we started out (and worse than had we moved forward w/ TPP) so the yellow snowflake can claim victory for another artful deal.

  8. spfttt says:

    A little note for you Trump supporter suckers. The TRUTH about his tariffs is just now coming to fruition. I bought an electric bike, sold here in the USA and made in China just 3 months ago. Today the price on that exact bike jumped up 200 dollars, because of the tariffs. So…our government gets 200 dollars from China, and some American sucker pays the 200 dollars out of his already nearly empty pocket…AND ALL just to pay for those 1.4 TRILLION dollars in tax cuts for the rich. More than bikes are going to be hit. Most everything you buy is going to be hit. No jobs, ZERO jobs are coming back to America. YOU GOT CONNED YOU STUPID JERKS.

  9. chinese influence is the problem ..not the numbers …

  10. bobo lee says:

    american's have to pay these tariffs not china. tariffs are a buyers tax. the chinese don't pay a single cent for Trump tariffs on Chinese products. Trump low IQ thinks China has to pay these tarrifs. What a fool. His supporters are fools.

  11. Bill West says:

    China is stubborn…they will never change…even their leadership is nothing more than followers.

  12. wishingtree says:

    it is simply the wrong tactic against the Chinese, the Chinese are the master of tactic and strategy. It would America in the long run. China is now looking for new suppliers to replace America goods, then American's good will find it hards to re-enter the Chinese market again. Trump should use the WTO against China because China is a member of WTO. The Chinese would rather starve than be a beggar, this is the Chinese culture, the west doesn't know. But China is a big country with a lot of people, the smartest people like everyone else. China would just focus on their local market for the next 5yrs and operate with another region and ignore America's importance. Surely America must know deeply than China is far too strong economically and will get even stronger within the next 10yrs and leave America far behind, but if they would just grab a big part of the Chinese market now, then they would become equally neck and neck or second place at least, if not it will be behind India, Brazil, Indonesia etc. China only needs to pummel America with $130 billion in tariffs, China doesn't need to do more. Because China got over $3 trillion in reserves, just as China only needs to beat America GDP with half the way. America would still be strong in term of riches and living standard but as number one economy, China only needs a Halfway to beat America to be Number one.

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