Tort Special Duty Situations – Economic Loss

Views:26496|Rating:4.69|View Time:37:33Minutes|Likes:200|Dislikes:13 – One of the special tort duty situations – economic loss. Designed predominantly for A Level A2 law it can be used for anyone revising this special duty. It covers the general rule of economic loss and the exception presented in Hedley Byrne – negligent misstatement.

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  1. lifehumanity says:

    Very helpfull, thank you very much !

  2. Stephanie Sankar says:

    Excellent job! Thank you! (:

  3. terrific786 says:

    I absolutely appreciate your videos .. A lot… Thank you !!

  4. Adeleina Loto-Meleisea says:

    So very useful! I'm from New Zealand, so have to be careful, but most of this if not all is the same. Thanks!

  5. John Bosco says:

    Thank you  very much the Law Of Bank for posting this video,I have really Acquired more legal skills from this video

  6. The Law Bank says:

    You have to apply all the tests of Hedley Byrne but as he is an accountant and he must be fully aware of the implications of the advice he is giving to his client then as a quick and dirty answer I would suggest he is liable. Although as I say we would have to work through HB step by step

  7. farahh05 says:

    hi i have a question  if an accountant was  to give advice to his client about taking out a loan after a meeting with his client (this was about a different matter: his accounts) and his client listens to his advice and then consequently cant keep up with the payments because of the high interest rates. is the accountant liable and can the client claim for economic loss?

  8. The76610 says:

    Thank you so much for this video.

  9. Johny Suede says:

    This was great! Thank you

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