Thousands of People Around the World Experience Missing Time Simultaneously

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Wayne Steiger reported missing time and podasted about it. Since then he has received hundreds of emails of people around the world experiencing the same phenomena at or about the same time.

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28 Responses

  1. The Ancient WUN: WUN UGLY ASS TROLL says:

    Just THANOS messing with the INFINITY GAUNTLET again

  2. Janet V says:

    As Tom Kenyon had prophesied: it’s as if a plant (earth) is in process of being transplanted into larger pot (space) and the the difficult transition the roots feel (actually was confined before but adapted to the confinement, and now the larger space is difficult transition).

  3. K Freeze says:

    This Rock is definately spinning faster.

  4. Scooby Doo says:

    this blokes talking shit makeing it up as he goes along .not interested.

  5. grinning owl says:

    "They" say that no two snowflakes are alike. The only way that can be true is if someone has examined "ALL" of them. Which is humanly impossible. .

  6. heathenbreathinfire says:

    Rex, you could start a tribute band to NASA then call it Collision Points of Opportunity for Uranus!!

  7. Melissa McInrue says:

    Wynn S. doesn't believe in Jesus so you lost me already. This guy is not someone can trust. Get the Holy Spirit then talk to people. Jesus is Lord.

  8. mark woods says:

    I cant believe how many people are experiencing this time dialation in the comments. It does seem as if time has been Speeding up since about the year 2000.

  9. heathenbreathinfire says:

    Rex, you Crack me up!

  10. mark woods says:

    Luck is the residue of design. Woo hoo

  11. dani dee says:

    So weird! At the time period that was, I was driving, and literally don’t remember the 3 hour drive… all I remember was getting on the freeway, then all the sudden I was on 20 minutes from my house.

  12. Miss Information says:

    I absolutely notice this. Very sensitive to time. And EMF. I HAVE STARTED DOCUMENTING IN A LEDGER. Can't wait for LeakCon. Quickening in an expanding universe !!

  13. Barry says:

    My wife and i haven't noticed missing time but rather the opposite. Days seem to be stretched longer as if time is slowed down or an extra hour or more added to our day.
    The clock doesn't reflect this but we can sense it, no matter how busy we are the time of day according to all our clocks is different than the time our bodies think it should be.

  14. NickTruthStranger ThanFiction says:

    SORRY! I cannot believe anything NASA says. We do not live in a Heliocentric system.

  15. Lowden 347 says:

    Here’s a THOUGHT.
    The Moon, ours is the Final Product. Circular Craters Versus Hexagonal…347

  16. Jason Johnson says:

    They are playing with phones to trick you

  17. Deeside Warrior says:

    Any one familiar with the British BBC sci-fi series Red Dwarf? I recommend watching the episodes “White Hole” & “Dimension Jump”There are a various episodes that cover the concept of time & time travel, time dilation, alternative dimensions. It may be a comedy series but it makes me wonder where the script writers get their ideas from. Here’s a brief clip:

  18. Jane Soberg says:

    We and all it crystal

  19. Jane Soberg says:

    Has our galaxy shifted?

  20. Gem says:

    What is the impact of Nuclear bomb explosions on the string of time?

  21. Hello こんにちは Hallo Ciao Salut says:

    The moon is a paper plate with mashed potato & swiss cheese stuck on it.

  22. Deeside Warrior says:

    Greeetings from the UK 🙂 Only just heard of this phenomenon. But this is what I have noticed in the past 2 weeks:
    1) Either time has slowed down or I have speeded up. For example, I seem to be completing my routine chores with time (90mins) to spare. A set routine which I’ve done for over 10 years: I expect it to be 4pm bits it’s only 2:30pm.
    2) Last Friday I was briefly overwhelmed with the feeling that this past year has travelled extremely quickly. Bringing out Christmas decorations & feeling that lady Christmas was only a few months ago. Like a chunk of the year had vanished. Deja vu on steroids.
    3) Daylight has suddenly shortened. It went dark here today at 3pm GMT.

    I thought it was just me feeling odd.

  23. The Republic Party Of Canada says:

    You forgetting that people have ability also and the Gama radiation would have woken up lots of sleepers.


    I had this happen to me wayyy to many times 🙂

  25. Spiritual Awakening Path of A Regular Person says:

    i hear theres a what they're calling a "flash" coming that will cover and change everything

  26. Deidra Washington says:

    Very good video. Caught my attention with missing time. The pictures of the planets & super Nova were gorgeous

  27. Mike N says:

    I lost 2 days but maybe it was because I drank a bottle of vodka.

  28. Seekerminer says:

    There was a video where a scientist did a 2 to 3 year infrared sky survey and there is a gigantic black hole and we are close to it , its presently eating a large galaxy bigger than us , it could take thousands or millions of years to suck us in but can it not affect time and our thinking , our brains are electric , the video is "the grand alliagnment 2012" by bpearthwatch . If this is as it showed could the following happen , time might skip or burp and affect nearby galaxies due to the extreme gravity and possibly cause psykic events to some people.

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