The Establishment Defends The Federal Reserver As An “Institution Of Government” – Episode 1707a

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Report date: 11.04.2018

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen repeats what the Fed has said about Bitcoin, it’s useless and will not be around for long, which means that are afraid of it and if people start to use it their system is done. Obama tries to convince the American people that he is responsible for the economy not Trump. Bolton pushes the narrative that the debt is national threat. The establishment pushes back and says the Fed is important it is an institution of government.

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19 Responses

  1. Brian Minghella says:

    Die Fed Res.

  2. Tom says:

    Institution of the Deep State Cabal.

  3. Eric Hammond says:

    Quick question – off topic: Why is "voting" only 1 day? How can "they" tabulate 100 million or more votes in a single day?

  4. mrbanik2010 says:

    Obama ! Throw that " CABAL PUPPET " and paid lips straight into Gitmo with all HIS FRIENDS IN CRIME . Also stripe him of all his assets , their STOLEN ASSETS and leave him BANKRUPT & PENNILESS as a reminder to all CORRUPTION HAS CONSEQUENCES !

  5. C OG says:

    LaPen is trying to validate her existence. Russia has done much better without the international bankers, and America would too.

  6. Clare Ultimo says:

    They have to play both sides to get what they want…let us not forget that they ran stories about how elite "didn't want" the Federal Reserve when they started it way back when…hoping that folks would think it was because this would hurt the elite…so they garnered popular opinion to create the Fed. Their twisted game: "if the elites don't like it, it must be good for us"….they are doing the same with crypto curriences. But you can't fool all the people all the time. This is our time.

  7. Randy Best says:

    Too bad most of the masses could not understand the Creature From Jeykll Island.

  8. Randy Best says:

    Dave, why don't you mention the Baltic Dry Index anymore?

  9. Michael Sutton says:

    Ok…here is a logical question…when the powers that be decide to pull the pin on the economy, there wont be any power or wifi. How can anyone use cryptocurrency if its digital transactions? They are just as screwed as everyone else.

  10. Jennifer Brock says:

    The Federal Reserve is a private corporation.  It works for itself and itself only.

  11. Shelly Zerangue says:

    well if they were involved in human trafficking It does belong to US

  12. shannon irvine says:

    Thanks again Dave! God Bless!!

  13. Harry C says:

    Not federal no reserves

  14. Gus Cleitus says:

    the federal reserve is an institution created by the catholic church, which claim ownership over the u.s. government. if you said that, i bet they wouldn't pay you to sell their fancy piss coins, you clam.

  15. Gus Cleitus says:

    the trump coin is unbelievably hideous. the argument is if that's only some, or all of it's appeal.

  16. Glenn Chapman says:

    Central Banks are a bigger threat to a country than a standing army!! Who said that? Research it!

  17. Glenn Chapman says:

    End the Fed and arrest all involved!

  18. FreemonSandlewould says:

    The video really starts at 1:27. Skip forward.

  19. John Oliver says:

    I know you folks don't want to here it, but…. Masons are your enemy. They are the deep state.

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