The Central Banks Economic Illusion Is Now Being Exposed For All To See – Episode 1734a

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Report date: 12.06.2018

ADP employment disappoints, job growth is going nowhere under the central banking economy. Initial jobless claims inch up. Many jobs cuts in the month of November, not a good sign during the holiday season. Factory orders are down, the central banks illusionary economy is being exposed. Trump continually blames the Fed and will to contradict to show the Fed is responsible for the economy falling apart. The stock market reversed dramatically today, who has the magic wand.

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38 Responses

  1. Freedom Of Speech says:

    Gun is best investment, can get anything if you own a gun lol

  2. Joni Ellis says:

    We the people need to start standing up and take back our country…this is a spiritual battle..Trump is trying to take down the bad deep state..
    We need to pray for our president and his family they are getting attacked by satan himself…not good…people need to get their heads out of the sand….God is telling everyone to start looking up to him…!!!

  3. Ruth Gilbo says:

    When you say 'the Central Bank' are you referring to the Fed Reserve? Are you using the terms interchangeably?

  4. Vig orniensis says:

    Brexit Means Exit Rally

    In 2016, we the British people were given a referendum and subsequently handed the opportunity to vote and participate in what followed the largest democratic mandate in the history of the United Kingdom. We, the British people did vote and that vote resulted in the country's decision to leave the European Union. However, at the same time you are reading this, Parliament is orchestrating what could be catastrophic for not just you the electorate, but for Great Britain as a whole! With the possibility of a complete reversal of the peoples decision to leave the European Union, I strongly urge you to ask yourself this….


    ASSEMBLE: 11:45am, outside THE DORCHESTER Hotel, Park Lane, London W1K 1QA

    MARCH: begins 12:15pm, from PARK LANE to WHITEHALL

    RALLY: 1:00pm (to start), OPPOSITE Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA


  5. Randy Best says:

    So is Trump going to nationalize the banks that have gold?

  6. Bob Rizzo says:

    Congress will rollover. They will be controlled by the Dems. They want everyone out of work. The republicans will get greased and bent over by the Democrats.

  7. Randy Best says:

    Trump should get rid of the plunge protection team.

  8. Micheline Burgett says:

    But who has money to buy those gold ???? Only the rich people . After stock Market crush , these Rich people will go back to make their Business in China or somewhere , else , and us , we stay poor as we are now . Why not giving jobs most of regular Americans than those Billionaires and Millionaires ???? Why you have to hire only most Yale University people ? We do have people who didn't go to Yale University but can do a better jobs and care about Americans Economics and Americans .

  9. mb Safronovitz says:

    Now one sees the current push to expropriate land without compensation in South Africa, the government is in deep debt with China and will probably give land in exchange for the paper money they were loaned

  10. Micheline Burgett says:

    Stock Market is only for rich people who have many to invest , poor people like me , doesn't care until I have a job .

  11. Micheline Burgett says:

    I care about job more than stock market because job include in our G.D.P but stock market doesn't . I am worry about our Economy because for what I see , I think this good Economy is for just short time , it can't keep growing while more of people who have a High Salaries are those who don't need it ! Yes , they are jobs but not very good job for Mid – class and Low income . Some are working two jobs to be able to pay their bills . Some are getting job but need some help from their parents ???

  12. Kimbers says:

    The human condition will be a whole lot better off without the interFEARence of the fact it will improve enormously. So much weight lifted off of our lives

  13. louie colbert says:

    Dave my friend. Rich folks ain't gonna like being poor folks. This could get some of us killed, then again ain't we dead already?

  14. Pug Nacious says:

    Buy Food. You can't eat gold

  15. SKOL BRO says:

    Whomever operates this channel please research the MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST who has control of the new QFS and holds the gold for the new dollar to be. Thank You.

  16. Larry McMillion says:

    I need everyone help there refusing to pay me my my money

  17. richard westwell says:

    In my view Trump made an error when he took office. He should have exposed the fake economy that Obama had left behind right there and then. Why? because the truth is always better than spin. He should have exposed the missing 21 trillion when he first knew about it. he should also have given the real numbers to the people not the made up ones from the usual suspects in the government.He could then have said " Look folks this is what I was left with by the previous administration and I am going to try and fix it" Ok the economy would have taken a hit but by now, 2 years on, things would be different. He had control of the House and Senate and could have pushed a bill to audit the Fed. By doing this it would have exposed all the Deep State players on both sides of the House who did not want their paymasters to be outed. Now when it all goes pear shaped he will be blamed no matter what. The MSM will have a field day and so will the deep state controlled Democrats.

  18. Wayme Roche says:

    To buy gold or silver, you need to have money, which means for most of us, it's back to square one.

  19. Kp Dad says:

    I've had a question that may benefit many in your audience. If you have a self directed ira in real gold and silver in segregated storage depository. What are the chances of bail-in and loss of that asset. Should the assets be removed at the cost of early removal. Are Ira's property of government or banks or us.
    Thanks X22 Report team!
    Lots of varied opinions but i value yours more.

  20. craxd1 says:

    Quoting Curtis Dall, FDR’s son-in-law's book, "My Exploited Father in Law":

    “For a long time, I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States. But, he didn’t. Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advance by the Council on Foreign Relations-One World Money group… Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared “ammunition” in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support. The UN is but a long range, international banking apparatus neatly set up for financial and economic profit by a small group of powerful One World Revolutionaries, hungry for profit and power.

    The Great Depression was caused by "the planned sudden curtailment of call money in Wall Street in the Fall of 1929, described for the uninformed public as 'The Panic!'… Obviously, the real objectives of One-World Government leaders and their ever-close bankers, are most devious. They have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the United States of America, via the creation and establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank."

  21. beo wulf says:


  22. Maria Flores says:

    Ok you keep saying "get prepared" buy gold and/or silver from who? Who can we trust to buy from?

  23. Accumulating Au says:

    When the President is impeached the market will sink 1500-2000 points in a matter of minutes.

  24. Bumble Bee says:

    Physical gold can only be purchased and stored by the very wealthy…storage cost is high…it is a joke…

  25. darion delrey says:

    service to the corrupt is the currency weither gold, bitcoin or what not without a state back service currency. you need a civic currency to fund the citizens. it seems this is upon deaf ears. lawlessness and corruption is everyone elses problem it seems. double think is the service to the criminal bank. the evil prosper. civilians are to be held in bondage. anything you say or do will be held againsts you as the murderous and profane are given perpetual pass. every cop has a religious experience when they patdon the guilty and condemn the innocent. without a civil currency.. that is the only law that will reign

  26. Sheri Silver says:

    I recently purchased a silver coin from the US Mint for $44… Where are you finding them for $13? Thx!

  27. R/T Te Selle says:

    Government is overrated…

  28. Lynda Quadland says:

    as more and more states allow pot that is where the money will flow. Pharma cuts back as pot heals without side effects. People please tell me who owns all the Fed's or IMF.

  29. truth hurts says:

    If you look at the picture of Our Great President, where the word "report" is,,,look at his coat area. You see a face, kinda looks like Max Headroom with his hair continuing over Trumps shoulder…. just saying.

  30. Kevin Cass says:

    Your reference to steemit at the end of your videos still doesn't have the ".com" in the middle of it. If anyone who isn't patient enough to figure that out, they'll never get to the site.

  31. Shelley Compton says:

    So, i asked this a couple days ago: when the Banks close, i assume i will not receive a Social Security check, nor my pension check from the State of Alaska. Am I correct??

  32. Mike Low says:

    Could you do a special on what this”new system” will look like for the people’s economy?

  33. Pamela Rice says:

    Dave. What good are retail sales to America if everything in the stores is imported? The store owner makes a profit. Local workers make wages. But the lion's share of benefit in retail to a nation comes and only comes when goods are produced domestically.

  34. Tabitha SwaNN says:

    That's why Mohair Gadaffi, the former president of Libya wanted the African Nations to unite and use gold as the new currency. The world laughed at him and guess what they killed him.

  35. Margaret Edwards says:

    Best stock your cupboards with lots of dried food! shortages are on the way! Cold winter ahead! Crops have failed around the world!! Job losses during this winter will hit harder than ever!!working class people will be hardest hit!! Not much point telling working class people to buy gold or silver!! Stock your cupboards for hard times ahead!!

  36. Naomi Ferguson says:

    Sick of hearing it. Most can not buy it much less have a home.

  37. Anje Connor says:

    This might be a dumb question…Is there a recommended amount of gold/silver we should be buying?

  38. kathryn reynolds says:

    I had a judge try to kill me to cover up the fact the deeds of trust are breached, at least figure it out.

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