The Big Short (2015) – Shorts turn the tables on Wall Street [HD 1080p]

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“Sub-prime bonds fell off a cliff. Rumor has it default levels are huge.”
“It’s happening…”
“They are singing a different tune now aren’t they?”

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41 Responses

  1. SeaBass Gorka says:

    Did that scene with Jamie and Charlie with the reporter actually happen?

  2. Joe Purcell says:

    I’d like to buy some swaps right now. Round 2 is upon us.

  3. Robert Cleft says:

    What are swaps? WHAT ARE SWAPS?!

  4. Tommy Bracanti says:

    and these guys are still at it.

  5. Charlie_33 says:

    Could someone explain to me that last bit.

  6. The Observant Servant says:

    "Caesar wept for there was no worlds left to conquer."

    It's actually Alexander.

  7. Adam West says:

    I went from playing red dead redemption 2, to wolf on wall street, to this? Wtf is going on?

    Shane!?….Shane!? (Guy walks out) lmfao

  8. 12,999,999 views says:

    Can someone explain this scene to me? I know the vocabulary but I can’t apply it so quickly

  9. TraustiGeir says:

    And not a single one of the shitbags responsible for this mess has gone to jail.

  10. Terry Creek says:

    everyone needs to start using the hjr 192 creditor beneficiary remedy to combat this illegal bullshit, we have the ability to discharge debts in a moneyless of exchange society
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    freedom back

  11. J Oh says:

    how timely this video was suggested to me today….

  12. Adam Honesty and decency says:

    I don't get why people would be so scared of Ryan Gosling's character.

  13. ptroinks says:

    Ryan Gosling was excellent in this movie!

  14. Nelson Murillo says:

    What does Christian Bales character mean at the end?

    Dr. Barry? Steve Winston; Goldmans sachs. I've been reviewing your position. I wanted to discuss your marks make sure they're fair"

    "I think you mean that you've secured it net short positioned yourselves so you're free to mark my swabs accurately for once because its now in your best interest to do so"

  15. King Of Cool says:

    1:50 to 1:55 and
    5:52 to 6:02
    I dont know why but these lines seem really great for some reason

  16. Ricardo Rodrigues says:

    And the problem is, this is a fucking simple cycle and everyone eats it again and again, just look whats happening right now in 2018 in Portugal – Lisbon, same fucking problem, real estate over evaluation, banks are eager to sell credit because the country was unde siege by FMI since 2009, and the shitstorm is piling up until the point the bubble will burst, and once again there will be smart people making money out of swaps and shorts, and regular people loosing their houses, it's discussing

  17. Alen Saric says:

    The part where Jared is on the phone in the bathroom telling people to get out is really how it goes down at investment banks

  18. Trevor Chichester says:

    The "still living with your mom?" question is so fucking funny, really BURNED HIS ASS.

  19. Danny Schellin says:

    "I would call it improbable."

  20. aaloo69 says:

    Why is Jared “jacked to the tits”?

  21. jason lyles says:

    It was at this moment that Goldman and the other banks were commiting insider trading. The market had flipped and they were now able to see the market for what it was. Michael Blurry said all the banks experienced some kind of power outage or their system was down. Actually they realized the fate of all their terrible trades and was trying to get out. This movie and the book really should be studied by high school and college students.

  22. Addicted2SuperSports says:

    This has to be a 10/10 perfect movie. They turned derivatives into an entertaining long ass movie.

  23. Condemnedya says:

    i really want to see this movie now,

    is it on Netflix or FIOS on demand ?_?

  24. nicodemus says:

    "I'm jacked! I'm JACKED to the TITS!"
    "Do you feel it?"

  25. Aaron Alsept says:

    They are trying to make money so complex. You give value for value; the end.

  26. just another Man says:


  27. Alejandro García-Puente says:

    Some hilariously bad acting here

  28. kang C says:

    5:52 Chinese character meaning (fear and desire). fit this scene quiet well.

  29. Barbara Galbreth says:

    Is it just me, or is the acting in this picture great?

  30. Ella Blun says:

    it's like, when you think this story has reached it's rock bottom, the reached bottom slides away, and additional drop presents itself. and every time you watch the movie, you realize more of the depravity that went into it. it's amazing that all of it managed to stay wrapped into the lingo so that average person could never unwrap it, so they kinda just rolled over when it happened, and the bankers walked away with their fat bonuses and there were no riots, there was no reaction to the fact that they were not imprisoned for this

  31. Rodimus Prime says:

    what is this shit

  32. Jackalofdeath says:

    yes actors and movie makers talking like they knew all along and big knowitalls and its all so simple and easy, 5-10 years after it actually happened. loll.

  33. Kekel Man says:

    "The end of capitalism"
    Laughs in reality*

  34. Bradley Gaming says:

    Classic Tony

  35. Charles says:

    At 4:04 you can see 'Casey' trying to keep his laugh in lol

  36. Darren Fred says:

    Man, I wish I could freeze the price on my crashing longs before I sell them and then short them elsewhere.

  37. meredrums1 says:

    There's money to be made is shorting shit bonds. I don't know how, but I'd like to.

  38. 123medinap says:

    I love this scene because it's representative of what's wrong with American society and institutions, in particular. SELF-PRESERVATION!!! The WSJ guy was more concerned about his career than the social collective.

  39. Aykut says:

    They shouldve gone to The Washington Post, instead of The Wall Street Journal. They wouldve published the story

  40. Daniel Martinez says:

    Perfect movie

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