Storefront near Salonica market becomes a “passer” small home

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Designers Babis Papanikolaou and Christina Tsirangelou imagined living and working in one of the tiny 1920s storefronts in their hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece. When they found a rundown former fabrics shop (turned fishing accessories store) for rent, they began a DIY remodel to convert it into a tiny home.

Like the other tradesmans’ shops created after the 1916 fire in the city, the footprint is just 16 square meters with a steep set of stairs leading to a second floor. The couple left the space as raw as possible, adding just a steel frame to support an airy kitchen. Between the two floors, they added a net (a nod to the shops’ fishing supplies history) to serve as an open-air mezzanine lounge space.

These types of shops weren’t normally constructed with bathrooms (shopkeepers used communal toilets) so the designers added a toilet and shower to the basement: a space with a curved and flowing geometry that now resembles a Turkish bath (also a nod to the city’s still visible Turkish history: the Bezesteni Ottoman Market is down the street).

The couple, 157 + 173 designers, named the tiny home “passer domesticus” after the common sparrow. “Passer” is a reference to someone who passes by: both the nomadic types who rent the space to sleep and the city’s long tradition as a point along the east/west trade route from Europe to Asia.

Designers work/shop:
Passer Domesticus rental:

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33 Responses

  1. Michael Smith says:

    Completely stupid and you removed a potential money maker for the area way to go morons then turn it into a barely functional living space just be cool edgy, dumbasses.

  2. Pedro Strom says:

    beautiful place/city/neighborhood to live in

  3. CrankyBubushka says:

    Love it!

  4. Throughmylens says:

    hi, are you using the moza air gimbal?

  5. Isabel Gil says:


  6. wen wen says:

    What an interesting showcase! Thank you

  7. Ana Quintanilla says:

    Incredible those 62 dislikes.

  8. Ed McGowan says:

    Thank you again. I love the way they have kept the Sentiment in a modern place of their own. They kept the stuff worth keeping. Not easy to do, and they have done it well.

  9. Avia Salter says:

    This is so chic and yet true to tradition, I love it! The white and green stone and terracotta bowls are perfect in modern life yet brings history to life. Excellent design and innovation as well as living the culture at street level again. Well done!

  10. Foxiepaws ACAnderson says:

    This is lovely!

  11. pmexplore says:

    Jennifer Garner? Lol

  12. s u m i t says:


  13. Anastasia Kakoulidou-Karamanea says:

    Hello, from Salonica, Greece!

  14. Michael Marsh says:

    so cool!

  15. Dayu Pertiwi says:

    It’s just very uniquely beautifuuuul!

  16. alohadave13 says:

    Very interesting and a fascinating use of space…

  17. Diego Suárez Balleza says:

    What kind of floor finishing is that? plastic paint?

  18. Annie GoGoGone says:

    Great video.

  19. tassos kazantzis says:

    When the man creates more than the man

  20. vinnie victory says:

    Travel porn as pitch for a tiny Airbnb pad.

  21. Spiro Dimaris says:

    thats what is all about greeks living well you only live ones good video guys very nice plaice i like it god bless

  22. Gaia Sibling says:

    Wonderful home, thank you

  23. Maureen K says:

    Love this so much. If I'm ever in Greece I'll visit Salonica.

  24. sass clenaghen says:

    Love this 3 level house! very cozy and functional,,, thank you!

  25. lucky48 says:

    Great city. I have spent many years there. This city has still a healing power on me. However stressed and depressed I am, a few minutes on the waterfront are enough to get me back standing o my feet.

  26. Transportia says:

    Your channel to me exemplifies the best kind of business model where everyone wins–the places being showcased, you the videographer, and all us tubers, unlike so many channels that are clearly nothing more than superficial selling mechanisms. Every videographer is selling something, themselves or an idea if not a product (and of course all the view metrics and affiliate links) but so few understand that great vids worth watching again are more than flash techniques cut together with trendy music (even if the handmade vid ethic you use is also kind of trendy, yours has real content). THANK YOU, Kirsten. And your family. Always a pleasure to travel along with you all.

  27. Takwah says:

    This is great!

  28. Yupper says:

    Bad ass

  29. Green Croco says:

    it's not "Bezestini"..!!! It is "BEDESTEN".. Greeks changed as usual..

  30. Green Croco says:


  31. Louisiana Girl says:

    What a fantastic way to start off your Spring/Summer season. We moved away from the big city 6 years ago and our girls thank us all the time. Best decision ever! Wonderful and beautiful video, thanks for sharing.

  32. Chris Hansen says:

    amazing i love it.

  33. WestHam66 says:

    What an interesting home- Babis and Christina are extremely talented to create such a charming space. I love the fishing net/loft space but perhaps I would cover some of it with a proper floor to use as a work area to use my laptop. Fascinating video- loved it.

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