Stock Market Sell-Off Sends F.A.N.G. Stocks Into Bear Market Shedding Over 1 Trillion Dollars

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Economic collapse news. The Stock market sell-off Friday sent the Fang stocks into a technical bear market. Apple lead the way down dropping more than 30% since their peak… which was only October btw. Shedding more than 22% of their value since the peak the top performers now officially are in a bear market. Thursday the WSJ tried to slow the stock market correct by publishing a story on how the fed is now back pedaling. it should concern you that they are panicked already. Either way here is a look into just how bad Fridays stock market crash really was.

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37 Responses

  1. Harpo says:

    Hi Ho Silver

  2. ElectroPals LLC says:

    We all have worthless paper in our wallets, what should we do.? Or what can we do. Invest in food water, ammo and guns, find ways to survive , ways to heat your home, way a to cook your food. Most important get right with the creator, Jesus is they way.

  3. Neffie says:

    Good! I hope it all comes a-tumblin' DOWN! Good riddance, crooks!

  4. Ian Cassie says:

    who would trust news corp [MURDOCH] check out his GENIE OIL INVESTMENT IN THE GOLAN HEIGHTS?????

  5. GalactixPirate says:

    We know Socialist/Communisn are waiting in the sidelines to blame Capitalism once this system comes down,so they could push and implement their socialist/commie ideals.They could careless about Obama and previous administration mistakes and kicking the can down the road.We know the Bankers/Deep State are gonna bring down this system under Trump-so the Socialist/Commie Red grassroots could begin to take place and it's the best distraction or misdirection bait for those that have a short memory.But the Socialist/Commies don't care–they're gonna want it their way and if this system comes down on a Rich billionaire(Trump)it creates a leverage for the Socialist/Commies to blame Capitalism and injecting the dumb-downed masses hoping they get all riled up and come together to loot and perhaps hijack the system similar to the "Red October" scenario…It's really scary when one thinks about the other things lurking if this system fails…

  6. wayne mcclory says:

    Within a month the FED will star to lower rates. But it won’t help because this is 100% bigger than the stock market. This is a Everything Crash.

  7. wayne mcclory says:

    This coming week will be worse because of everything ! Yes everything is crashing in every aspect of life and Nothing can stop this total Global reset. Yes this is more than a simple economic crash. This is the fault of the central Banks and company mergers that borrowed trillions and they can’t pay it back so they will crash (Everything). Yes it started months ago and this week will devastate everything.

  8. TheF8ofman says:

    It's DIFFERENT this time!!!

  9. Thunderbird says:

    Donald Trump's Fake Economy!

  10. Samir Torba says:

    The suckers who bought on the story should sue the Wall Street journal!!

  11. Devin Weems says:

    I believe all this was planned. I think you guys cuddling with your silver and gold have sadly been deceived. It's not going to matter. We need Jesus Christ. The economy isnt the only thing doing bad. Just look around you. Hope you guys turn to the Lord before it's too late. Godspeed.

  12. Matrix Portfolio says:

    Great video. I've been following you for a long time. I'm one of your patreon subscribers. In the higher-tier. Is there any way to touch base with you?

  13. Phillip Riddle says:

    Thank you for the update on the market. I think you're right on course with what you're saying and what will happen later in the market

  14. coffeejunkie33 says:

    Yes, these are major swings in the market. But it's not real money that they are losing. Everything is way way overvalued. It's just like the dollar in your wallet! It's not really worth a dam thing! Let it fall..!

  15. Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941 says:

    The market did not lose 1 trillion dollars, it lost 1 trillion pieces of valueless paper.

  16. brian91145 says:

    you guys have to realize the United States is a corporation and it's owned by the FED and their shareholders. It's all fake, be a spectator and enjoy the ride. Also, get your cash out of the bank, they will bail it in this time around!

  17. burdickd2 says:

    * Snuggles gold and silver.* I love it when the Plunge Protection Team has to step in. Quantative easing and fresh minted ca$h for EVERYONE!

  18. Drakkon Slayer Silver Claw 0 says:

    All those gains over the year just got destroyed.

  19. J T Stachs AG says:

    You can't "print" silver.

  20. TurkishKB says:

    "A trillion dollars is a lot of money"

  21. Banana Bandana says:

    I had a dream last night that the market was crashing on tv and a bunch of women trading on the floor were in a panic everyone was running around I called my friend and said wow this is hella. Cool it’s like. Sports event it’s so exciting

  22. Trend ZONE says:

    Watch the financials

  23. Trend ZONE says:

    FAZ is a bull now. GOLDEN CROSS. ALL THE WAY BULL. FAS is all the way BEARISH.

  24. Klavs Mackeprang says:

    dont worry you have the plunge protection team

  25. JOEL E says:

    Awesome content

  26. JOEL E says:

    I keep putting $ into my 401 and they keep taking the gains. Any ideas what to do close it, transfer to IRA ect..?

  27. Nick Gryzoski says:

    What a time to be alive!

  28. JOEL E says:

    Haven't interest rates dropped to 4.5 fixed 4.2 FHA

  29. steve w says:

    I'm betting the Fed goes one more rate hike this month.

  30. 2020 says:

    Barry Soetoro aka Obama doubled America's debt! That's more than ALL the president before him, combined and just about destroyed America in just 8 years!

  31. Bob The Plumber says:

    BIGGIES U.S. Patented ‘Custom Hand Made High Quality’ Underwear Made In The USA. Excellent For Sports, Lounging, Infertility, Obesity, & Prevents Plumbers Crack Embarrassment. Sizes: (Extra Small to 25XL. Nobody Does It BIGGER Than BIGGIES!)

  32. Demonic Maure says:

    You called the GM ordeal 7months ago.

  33. John Doe says:

    In three weeks after the BS of the upcoming fed meeting and the year end rally you will be singing a different tune.

  34. michael lennon says:

    Game over .
    Sell off and collapse is now. .
    Dont buy gold . Buy food . And ammo .
    Shit is going to hit the fan .
    You cant eat gold . Or sell it in a collapse.
    You will starve to death with a pocket full of gold

  35. Ed R. says:

    Donald trump, the most socialist republican president ever.
    "I've been around for a long time and it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans."- Trump

  36. PasswordBosco says:

    Anyone that believes the bullshit of the "Dow" is a damn fool. Up, down, sideways, it's COMPLETE manipulation from the foreign controlled banking mafia cabal. Think of a certain blue and white flagged Middle Eastern "country". Why anyone would follow them and try to analyze what they're doing is beyond me. A complete waste of time and effort. Idiots….

  37. anon says:

    they know the crash is coming, new HBO doco PANIC gets released about the 2008 financial crisis.

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