Should You Prep for a No-Deal Brexit?

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29 Responses

  1. Patricia Shaw says:

    Think the eu sinister club will be gone soon and the quicker the better for all countries.

  2. Troy Robins says:

    I have prepped for a "no deal" brexit. I put a bottle bubbly in the fridge.


    The British are PUSSIES, they will do nothing but take it up the ASS, just like the Germans, French, Swedes, Europe is Queer, no Guns, No Balls. they are done, Russia is last bastion of Strength.

  4. H. Idrissi says:

    The UK government never intended on leaving the EU, the vote was just to give voters the illusion that their voices mattered.

  5. Mark Mathews says:

    Thanks Mario

  6. Ron Allen says:

    Beer; check! Bunting; check! I'm ready!

  7. James the Ponderer says:

    If voting mattered the public would not be allowed to. It is another myth that gives people a false sense of power.

  8. R R says:

    Over here in the US we are always prepped! You never know what can happen. After an ice storm a few weeks ago we lost power for 5 days! Having a supply of diesel and home diesel generator saved us. Having a supply of homegrown canned food also helped because the stores were closed for many days also.

  9. Professor Moriarty says:

    I only today heard of "The Hanseatic League" by a friend who forwarded me this ~Have you hear of it and have you any background on it? It looks positive to me as they can probably see the French and Germans need someone to keep them in check.

  10. Sheryl Anne Jacobs says:

    Nigel is a bankster. He is full of s—. Cannot believe folks trust him.

  11. Gary Kings Blank says:

    Forget Brexit – England will get the worst winter since the 1940's or 1800's. You should prep for two week snow storms, and when the Themes freezes over. Your own MET office is telling folks to be prepared with auxiliary heating and food.

  12. Three Dogs and a Camper says:

    I’ve been watching the Brexit saga with great interest from here in Texas. From the outside looking in, it seems like Theresa May has been tasked with rearranging the chairs on the Titanic from the outset. It never appeared possible to satisfy so many competing interests, not to mention the political intrigue which seems to have been the basis for bringing Brexit to the public in the beginning.

  13. Chaka421 says:

    Remember your four 'B's. Buy Bitcoin Before Brexit.

  14. cybertraining says:

    Article 101. UK agree never to prosecute EU employees who may be criminals now or in the future. Article 104. EU bankers and EU officials in London are to be exempt from British law.

  15. h3akalee says:

    I'm a Veteran and the only prepping i will be doing is buying and drinking British champagne alternative sparkling wine if we get a no deal and so should you.

  16. Charlotte Grove says:

    People should always have a store of food, water, medicine and those things you use on a daily basis. Whether for weather related emergencies, financial or political reasons. Your government will not save you. It takes time to prep and there are numerous videos so start NOW.

  17. Charlotte Grove says:

    Whether the Brexit deal goes thru or not the E.U will collapse it’s just a matter of time. It was a bad idea and a power grab.

  18. The Watcher says:

    If May is not removed from the conservative party they are finished !!

  19. Peter Lemmon says:

    Only a Satanic establishment would inject question about being a free and independent British people. "Give me Liberty or give me death." Stated the English Patrick Henry — American Founding Father

  20. Sami - says:

    Anyone who knows that the "deal" entails ? What are the conditions for the U.K in the agreement?

  21. johnny generic says:

    May is a traitor.

  22. dr. honeypot says:

    If you do prep don't over do it. don't stock up for years but maybe 3 months. after that it becomes more of a liability than an asset. if it gets really bad and people find out you have a stockpile then you just made yourself a target. good prepping is done with buying tools, real money, and commodities like salt, sugar, flour, water, honey. non perishable products that are highly barterable. but no one will hunt you for those alone other then maybe the water.

  23. Morning Light says:

    If Russia and Ukraine go to a hot war, how would that effect Brexit? Thanks.

  24. terry shead says:

    Mario the eu is going to collapse before March, most of the politicians are too stupid.

  25. O C Sure says:

    M64 is entertaining. "People have changed their positions. It looks like a battle!"

  26. O C Sure says:

    Now he wants to be exact! How about new currency is COUNTERFEIT, instead of money? Austrian Economics turns the name to their own advantage. Fiat-Money system? Is M64 under compulsion to lie? What is FRACTIONAL RESERVE COUNTERFEITING?

  27. xPowerdriverx says:

    If the government overrides the Brexit decision it would simply prove to the public that voting and the current form of democracy is truly pointless.

  28. nagube nagube says:

    hold for long, i think that the COT report is showing a dip prediction in precious metals pending all the margin calls that will be necessary during the coming downturn

  29. Deez Nutz says:

    You look hammered in your thumbnail, Mario. Have you been trying to drown in the sorrow of knowing Teresa May is attempting to royally screw you guys over?

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