Scott Carney of What Doesn’t Kill Us – Unlocking Human Potential

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Scott Carney set off in 2012 to debunk Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method, instead of debunking Wim after a week of training it was a convert. Carney set off on a journey meeting with experts from around the world about how we as humans can tap into our inner strengths. He worked out with Laird Hamilton. Trained with Brian MacKenzie, was studied by army researcher, and took on one of the toughest obstacles races – The Original Tough Guy Challenge.

Margaret Schlachter our Editor-in-Chief talks to Carney about how his book, research, and how we can all tap into our inner strengths.

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19 Responses

  1. you need a compressor plugin on your voice (interviewer) to keep your volume levels in line.

  2. Ricardo Vera says:

    I bought this book for Amazon, I hope this book will be worth it because it is a New York Times best seller but not always its not enough.

  3. Nick Jones says:

    Great read this method really works.But your friends all think you have gone bonkers.

  4. TYUIO11111 says:

    So the push up thing is basicly you charge your body up by the breathing method the when you go to hold your breath and do the pushup your body consumes the excess oxygen in blood hence more than normal, you have more oxygen so your muscle work better

  5. Human beings know are psychologically weaker than out late ancestors smh

  6. 52 Dislikes says:

    I rode a 22 mile Bike race without a water bottle in the desert. (but I was a newbie,..duh)

  7. Leg Ham says:

    The Wim Hof method is really good for me…Because now I shower everyday….

  8. Leg Ham says:

    Really good explanation for the cold shower around the 32 min mark!

  9. s says:

    Why can't she just speak without the need to giggle-grow up girl

  10. Lucixir says:

    50 minute advertisement for his book… yadda yadda YAWN, don't waste your time.

  11. nerp23 says:

    Sounds like an interesting interview but the volume of the interviewer's voice is so uncomfortably high that I had to turn it off after a while. Real pity

  12. Geoff Curtis says:

    great interview thanks for sharing and a great book too.

  13. Kathy A says:

    tell Carney red blood cells have NO mitochondria

  14. Don't connect this to spirituality, please

  15. I will read that book. Thanks, nice interview.

  16. doing it for a few years now, crazy amazing

  17. Gary Bryant says:

    As a martial artist I'm reminded of traditional Japanese Karateka training outside in the winter, barefoot and barechested, with only their gi pants and belts on. Also many of the traditional schools are not heated, at least they didn't used to be. Get interview, Young Lady. I will get this book.

  18. I've read the book. It's fascinating. Carney uses Hof as the anchor. He then covers Laird Hamilton, Brian MacKenzie, and environmental extremes in OCR, and weaves it all back to Hof and the basic idea in the book's subtitle. It's a well-written, coherent story that can make you examine your own life.
    And I enjoyed this interview. Carney's reaction to you bringing up the shower incident was great.

  19. Fire Rose says:

    Great interview. I'm looking forward to reading the book (photoreading in case you're interested in more biohacking coolness 😉 )

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