REALIST NEWS – Anonymous (The Club?) hackers shut down Bank of England

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24 Responses

  1. Axe Man says:

    Anonymouse is a psyop and is being used as a tool to to provide justification for the NWO agenda, wake up you idiots.

  2. Aaron Pray says:

    Bracing for guerrilla warfare in cyberspace

    There are lots of opportunities; that's very scary'

    April 6, 1999 Web posted at: 2:29 p.m. EDT (1829 GMT)

    By John Christensen CNN Interactive

    — It is June, the children are out of school, and as highways and
    airports fill with vacationers, rollingpower outages hit sections of Los
    Angeles, Chicago, Washington and New York. An airliner is mysteriously
    knockedoff the flight control system and crashes in Kansas. Parts
    of the 911 service in Washington fail, supervisors at the Department of
    Defense discover that their e-mailand telephone services are disrupted
    and officers aboard a U.S. Navy cruiser find that their computer systems
    havebeen attacked. As incidents mount, the stock
    market drops precipitously, and panic surges throughthe population.

    Hardly. The "electronic Pearl Harbor" that White House terrorism czar
    Richard A. Clarke fearsis not just a threat, it has already happened.

    of the scenario above — except for the plane and stock market crashes
    and the panic — occurred in 1997 when35 hackers hired by the National
    Security Agency launched simulated attacks on the U.S. electronic

    "Eligible Receiver," as the exercise was called,
    achieved "root level" access in 36 of theDepartment of Defense's 40,000
    networks. The simulated attack also "turned off" sections of the
    U.S.power grid, "shut down" parts of the 911 network in Washington,
    D.C., and other cities and gained accessto systems aboard a Navy cruiser
    at sea.

    At a hearing in November 1997, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona,
    chairman of a Senate technology subcommittee, reportedthat nearly
    two-thirds of U.S. government computers systems have security holes.

    "If somebody wanted to launch an attack," says Fred B. Schneider, a
    professor of computer science at Cornell University, "it would not be
    at all difficult."
    'There are lots of opportunities'

    "Eligible Receiver" took place in the United States, which has about 40
    percent of the world'scomputers, the threat of cyberterrorism is

    During the Gulf War, Dutch hackers stole information about U.S.
    troop movements from U.S. Defense Department computers and
    tried to sell it to the Iraqis, who thought it was a hoax and
    turned it down.

    In March 1997, a 15-year-old Croatian youth penetrated
    computers at a U.S. Air Force base in Guam

    35 hackers hired by the National
    Security Agency anon?

  3. Sarah Hoilman says:

    Check out the US Debt Clock…shows Silver "dollar to Silver worth at over 800.00 an ounce and Gold 7325.00 per ounce. So why the measley worth shown elsewhere? Does anyone know?

  4. Luke Carter says:

    I questioned the anonymous hackers from the jump. I said that it is possible that they are the elitist themselves.

  5. Jonee Tiedemann says:

    Would you like a croissant with your anonymousse de chocolat?

  6. Kay B says:

    This is getting real… Ack!

  7. Lisa Weaver says:

    Was this mentioned in a web bot report? Seems to me Cliff talked about this.

  8. areUaware says:

    Anonymous is a government op so that when they steal all of your money they will blame it on this elusive entity that is supposedly living in basements all over the world.

  9. Ben Dover says:

    I've convinced that "Anonymous" is controlled resistance/cointell pro.  They never do anything, just makes ridiculous threats.  All BS talk.

  10. Mickey O says:

    What does all this mean? People should get their money out of the banks NOW!

  11. Rusty Hill says:

    According to some common sense Anonymous is an operation being controlled by patriots in the CIA, MI6 and the Russian equivalent to keep the club controlled factions of the CIA in checkmate…

  12. Alpine Maximus says:

    Never believed the whole anonymous deal…. Convenient enemy. Controlled opposition? Just do it already Anonymous. Who ever you are. Eat the club

  13. Alpine Maximus says:

    The scam is still on until the next fed meeting. Save up for a big pm purchase right before yellan kills the economy.

  14. Jonee Tiedemann says:

    Anonymousse ate my desert.

  15. DDuffeeInc says:

    What club does that Lindsey Williams chick go to??….I want to go see her, she sounds hawt!

  16. patriotpioneer says:

    The Financial system is going to collapse, they will blame everybody but the people who are responsible => World Governments & Wall Street….. just like the housing bubble nonsense ( the housing market made up something like 6% of the economy, does anybody really believe that 6% of anything short of cancer could destroy a entire system…..)

  17. enkigilgamesh says:

    Hegelian dialectic…Problem, reaction, solution… Just like the oil spills happening lately(shell oil spill in the gulf and one near Somalia) and fires at the Alberta oil sands. Trying to raise oil prices for a bit? Alberta government gets rid of water bomber while this is happening.

  18. AsheM says:

    I like your movies became short. Short and sweet. Good move.

  19. SoulBaron says:

    Who actually believes it's an outsider group? It's so blatantly obvious at this point. It's the insiders pulling the strings and orchestrating these "cyber attacks" by "hacktivists".

  20. Ibpn says:

    yesterday the NYSE shut down trading for some stocks due to a "technical glich."

  21. na' ah mean? says:

    I hope they add some digits to my acct.

  22. jessie SX says:

    This just makes the banks look like they have incompetent tech support. Maybe they should have two or three back up systems since finance is the blood of capitalism.

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