Populism (in Economics and/or Politics) Explained in One Minute

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Populist politicians and populist economists kept taking things too far with unrealistic promises, so much that the term “populism” ended up having a negative connotation despite the fact that at its core (uniting the common people against a corrupt elite), it’s something downright noble.

Today, we’ll try to find out why populism ended up having this trajectory.

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24 Responses

  1. Discovaria says:

    does that mean doing business is populism? i don't think so

  2. The government always has money, it's a dumb question to ask.
    Because the government prints money!
    The correct question to ask is if the country has the resources, and how those resources can and should be distributed.

  3. GottJäger says:

    This video only covers left wing populism (like in mexico) and not right wing populism (UKIP, AFD, SD, 5 star, etc) witch would be more applicable to today's political landscape.

  4. editorblue says:

    After a decade how much reform? Perhaps another decade of increments?

  5. ReformCOW says:

    Check out ReformCOW (Reform Cities Of the World ) this makes populism participation easy.

  6. Frank Beans says:

    This is a Leftist trying to define "populism"…hahaha. This describes the Left's socialist ideas…not populist ideas.

  7. Mark Horton says:

    Populism is "of the people". So when it is pro establishment it is a "good and noble" thing. And when it goes against the established political or religious views, it is a terrible and ignorant thing.
    The "proof" of this is to "build straw men" of the opposing groups and then knock them down. Using views which few if any of the "populists" would hold anyway. Ignorance and stupidity beautifully exemplified by the makers of this video.
    Martin Luther King was a populist, what a terrible ignorant person the makers of this video must think he was.

  8. Kodi Davis says:

    You forgot to mention the "trickle down" effect. But I guess that's not populist view either.

  9. Good video, but populism doesn't always fit into a negative category.
    And when you explain it within this video, it kinda falls in the water.
    I would explain populism differently. Because in the now time people know patterns of politicians and parties.
    Tho I am explaining this from my own viewpoint I am dutch and I find the word populism overused.
    People who seem reasonable on political parties often get called populists, for actually telling the truth, and the word populist gets lumped in with racist sexist xenophobe and islamophobe and homophobia.
    Tho the claims do not survive a reality check, bit since the word populist is used, it becomes a sort of warning word.
    No matter if the people who get called populist are actually right.
    It seems as if people on the other side of the spectrum jump to conclusions too fast, and sometimes it works.
    But it's not making it easier on everyone.

  10. Alpha Omega says:

    Me wanting to know about populism and after watching the video still not sure what it suppose to mean. Can someone please kindly elaborate for me…I need to write an essay about it.

  11. Limitless 1 says:

    populism is for uneducated people
    uh i get it
    but the problem is that this uneducated people are more than half of the world
    the good part is that you can fool them easily

  12. suntzu1901 says:

    You have a bad sense of the type of Populist movement that is growing right now. It is not left-wing socialist populism, it is anti-establishment right-wing populism. It has nothing to do with lack of patience, nor the poor, it has to do with 25+ years of politicians succeeding for the 1% elite, and failing for the other 99%. It has more to do with freedom and less regulation, reducing deficit spending, freedom of speech, out with political correctness, and knowing where your food comes from in your own country (rather than rely on modified genetics and pesticides controlled by elites only).

  13. onee says:

    I actually never saw left winged populism in my country. The extreme left tends to be animal right activists. The extreme right is the only populists I know. They basically promise everyone jobs and to get rid of the foreigners. And to say fuck you to free trade to protect their own economy even though that is not how the economy works.

  14. onee says:

    Populism tends to work especially great on uneducated people.

  15. Objective says:

    Populism is the reaction of ordinary non extreme people to crazy extreme left wing ideas.

  16. tragedy of the commons… just ask Socrates about Democracy

  17. Sam Dawkins says:

    hey in a nutshell should the ave person be left wing or right wing in regards to economics? i know everyone when asked something like this say "people should think for themselves" or "i dont wanna tell people what to think"
    firstly i want yr qualified opinion hence its ok to tell me what to think cos im asking for it. plus yr op on economics is worth more than most just like the thoughts of an experienced oncologist about cancer is worth listening to. Also its not like what you say is gonna brainwash me into accepting it 100% without further thought. so what do you think?
    "should the ave person be left wing or right wing in regards to economics? "

  18. CountBifford says:

    You talk as if Americans are not sufficiently educated. This is rubbish. Smart people can be just as irrational as dumb people. Remember that Fascism arose in Germany, Italy, and Japan – all very well-educated and advanced societies.

  19. zokoon says:

    I don't really agree. Politicians sell dreams because it's easier for voters to identify with a certain political platform if it's simpler and more catchy. You can't really make an in depth, detailed presentation of what you advocates for in a political campaign, as people already have a hard time understanding what is already in place.

    What politicians do is selling a dream, and then trying to to make their electorate happy as much as they can by trying their best to adhere to what they campaign for.

    I agree that it's far from ideal, but that's how flawed democracy is, it just puts more power in the hands of collective intelligence.

    Anyway, that's more the realm of political science than economics.

  20. Bjswac says:

    You are totally confusing right wing and left wing populism. Right wing populism talks about giving jobs and cutting taxes and reducing the state, while left wing populism wants to expand welfare, expand social security and expand the estate.

  21. Sean Blargh says:

    Great video! Typically populist candidates are anti-intellectual too, they typically ignore the reason why the elites or establishment have power (because in cases, they're often effective, or good at what they do) and take the opposite road even if that road is an terrible path economically because doing what the evil elites do would look bad.

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