Peter Schiff: ‘Obama likes it when he thinks the free market is failing’

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The new jobs numbers are giving Mitt Romney ammo for his run against Obama in the 2012 election. According to the US Labor Department, in the month of May 69,000 jobs were created, but the number fell way short of the 150,000 jobs that were expected and for the first time in 11 months the unemployment rose to 8.2 percent. Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, joins us to discuss what this means for the Obama administration.

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32 Responses

  1. topcityres says:

    That would be a good start.

  2. gur ruh says:

    I wish a hurricane would just blow Obama , Romney , Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan away.

  3. regelemihai says:

    Oh thank you, friend 🙂 I do my best despite my ever-growing frustration. Thanks for chiming in; I appreciate it.

  4. enticed2zeitgeist says:

    Yea, just be patient 🙂

    Not that I'm anyone important, but I thought you handled your discussion quite respectfully and honestly. We need more of that. Keep up the good work.

  5. regelemihai says:

    Probably. It's still sad to see.

  6. enticed2zeitgeist says:

    At least ya tried lol. Some people don't how to respond to information that actually conflicts with their own identity and perspective. Just move on. They still get it, they just aren't admitting it.

  7. Zac6230 says:

    WHAT !!!!? LOLOL OK Man

  8. regelemihai says:

    I gave you the stats, and you responded by handwaving them away. You're the textbook example of what ignorance is; not me.

  9. Zac6230 says:

    you have to be because I never dealt with this level of naivety and ignorance ever in my life

  10. regelemihai says:

    I'm trolling….wow. The irony.

  11. Zac6230 says:

    Stop trollin'

  12. regelemihai says:

    You need to stop with these infantile responses. I gave you a serious objection. If you can't rebut it, don't say anything at all. Otherwise, you're just engaging in wishful thinking. I want Obama out of the White house, probably moreso than you, but I have to be realistic! a 50-60% approval rating is not an indication that he's losing!! Get real already.

  13. Zac6230 says:

    you're so ill informed and naive, I mean really Im shocked, Obama is one and done

  14. regelemihai says:

    But the point is that Bush' approval rating was really really low. Obama's current 50% approval rating ain't low! That is way too high for a disaster of a president like him, and it's not an indication that Americans are waking up. It just isn't.

  15. Zac6230 says:

    Bush has got nothing over Obama, he doenst have half that's a marketing lie controlled by the leftist media. They cover for him all the time

  16. regelemihai says:

    Yes he is one of the worse, but no, people aren't catching up. Even if grant you that the polls pin both candidates "neck to neck," it's still outrageous that Obama has half of the total approval rating given his records. Real change would reflect differently–if he had 20% approval, as Bush did, then maybe I would've been optimistic.

  17. Zac6230 says:

    Rasmussen and common opinion, the polls are " neck and neck" in order to get you to with tv during election time, it's the same every year, it was the same with carter and reagan, and carter got destroyed. Obama is the worst president ever , it's widely known and people are catching up to him

  18. regelemihai says:

    Can you give me evidence of that? A poll, anything?

  19. Zac6230 says:

    nope he's done, get a clue

  20. regelemihai says:

    I'm no Obama supporter, I'm just being realistic. He's already leading the polls. Open your eyes.

  21. Zac6230 says:

    Oh jesus gallup is the least credible of all. Obama is finished and you haven't been following anything, no women don't like Obama , only welfare trash does

  22. Zac6230 says:

    obama is a living lie. He is without moral character, scrupples, knowledge. He is pure smoke and mirrors. He is his own worst foe, and by his own hand is causing his belated exit from the American political scene. Come next January when he and his frau are removed from OUR White House, the day should be proclaimed a National Holiday.

  23. Zac6230 says:

    HAHAHAAH No way Ostupid is finished Obama supporters should be put in jail for treason

  24. Zac6230 says:

    Obama isn't leading the polls stay away from CNN the communist news network, they are win the tank for him

  25. regelemihai says:

    He will lose big time to Obama. Mark my words, friend—BIG TIME.

  26. Zac6230 says:

    Get used to saying President Romney

  27. regelemihai says:

    The most conservative candidate will not save America, but a status quo one will. Wow. So the guy you're responding to is right–you guys are for status quo candidates.

  28. Life Aficionado says:

    I just wish they gave him more time, like a Peter Schiff hour long special! But on all the msm networks. WAKE AMERRICUH UP!

  29. g0ssage says:

    Thanks RT for giving Peter Schiff a forum. Apreeesh.

  30. mrrobotica says:

    I couldn't help but think of Wesley Mouch, after those images of the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke.

  31. msieradzki says:

    Yes, they are. They are already dumb enough to move responsibility for their well being from themselves to politicians. There's tiny step from this to moving it to Europe.

  32. JSC112095 says:

    The whole point of being a good leader is knowing when someone is telling the truth and not trying to boost there own agenda. Those times are over and they have caused there own death!

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