November 2018 The Gold Chronicles with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

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Topics Include:
*Implications of the USMCA between the US, Canada, and Mexico
*The importance of Robert Lighthizer’s role in US trade negotiations
*Update on tensions between Russia and Ukraine
*Russia’s “buffer states” of outlying countries
*How Russia’s gas pipelines running through Ukraine are critical infrastructure
*Why Russia purchasing close to 30 tons of gold per month is a strategic move
*How a decentralized permissioned ledger cryptocurrency sponsored by Russia and or China and settled in physical gold could be the next system used by sovereigns to settle net trade balances without using the US dollar
*Why Switzerland could be an ideal location to settle net payments in gold
*Update on Saudi Arabia stability, succession, and world relations
*Thoughts on the G20 upcoming meetings and trade negotiations
*Update on Fed monetary policy and interest rates

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15 Responses

  1. MJ Forra says:

    I was expecting financial news. I can get geopolitical now everywhere. I am 30% into it, is there anything here that pertains to the markets or gold? The fact that the elites / cabal / deep state is causing upheaval with Russia (or any other country) is really old news. That is what they do, they want war, they want control, they want to enslave the world. Putin is fighting it. The Mueller issue is sooo old.

  2. Josh Galt says:

    Canada has banned all gold bullion imports/exports from being shipped through Canada Post.

  3. Gabie Dominiq says:

    Looking good!! You guys are a great team! Thanks for another Economics and Political Science 9000 lesson.

  4. Winston Wolfe says:

    Terrific content. PGF is one of the few places I've found to get regular analysis from Jim Rickards. Thank you for making it freely available.

  5. Daniel says:

    I want to see a Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff talk about whether Peter Schiff agrees with Jim's $10,000 gold standard value since it would be very inflationary.

  6. Ivan beers says:

    Less conspiracy theories and more facts please

  7. Oren Elbaz says:

    This podcast is pure gold. Bravo!

  8. Part-Time Enlightenment says:

    I can’t believe these videos don’t have WAY more views. They are always so very informative. Thanks much for these.

  9. Rodney Leon says:

    So disappointing to see Rickards buy into this mercantilism malarkey.

  10. Steve Osmonson says:

    My favorite show of the month! I look forward to it each month. Thank you!

  11. FlySoGood says:

    If Jim rickards is so rich then why does it loon like he lives in a studio apartment for college students?

  12. Fiona Whelan says:

    Jim knows about Russian- Ukrainian ordeal more than State Department, Pentagon and all their "think tanks", specialists and consultants combined. I wish all the US foreign relations specialists knew 1/10 of what he knows. Looking at how much he understands about international subjects brings me to the thoughts that his views on Global Financial affairs deserve much more attention than conventional and alternative finance analysts are ready to give him…

  13. Lester Diamond says:

    For us Canadian viewers, we would greatly appreciate some commentary on the issue of Derivatives Exposure of Canadian Banks, and the risk of Bail-ins in Canada. We weathered the 2008 crisis quite well, all things considered, but now we have a Real Estate Bubble of our own, much lower Oil Revenue, and increased participation in the World Derivatives Trade. There is an absolute media blackout on this topic up here, even though we know the laws are in place to allow the banks to just take our money. Should we be worried about Bail-ins?

  14. Hoodoo Operator. says:

    But if the fed takes interest rates to ~4%, considering the level of debt that the US currently holds, is that not likely to trigger a recession in itself…? Looks like all this egg-head theory is tripping over itself, again.

    Thanks for the truck-load of consolidated information again. Have a good weekend chaps.

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