New Coke – A Complete Disaster?

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In the 1980’s Coca-Cola seemingly lost their minds when they completely changed the recipe of their soda. This video explores the incident and why it failed.


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34 Responses

  1. Aidan says:

    Is that why some people say coke instead of cocaine?

  2. Adrian Ruelas says:

    Take a sniff every time he says coke

  3. Blue Replayz says:

    Sprite is a product of the Coca Cola company it literally says it on every can lol

  4. Walt King says:

    I actually like the New Coke when it came out but a lot of my coworkers at the time especially the older ones I was 25 in 1985 would not buy it or drink it the funny thing about it they did not drink that much original Coca-Cola until it was gone then all hell broke loose!!!

  5. Xnate13X says:

    I'd hate if the changed the combat system in RuneScape… OH WAIT, they did and lost half their player base. Good thing they brought OSRS back.

  6. 110 percent Canadian says:

    Pesi is better and sweeter

  7. eliahs300 says:

    Do teamsters

  8. Up Dog says:

    Yes they do. Move to Birmingham AL and ask for a “soft drink” or a “pop”; you’ll get something completely different than you’d expect. Most likely a weird look or a pop on tha anus. 😉

  9. balzon dawalz says:

    We don't say coke for Sprite, only sodas (I was about to say coke ngl) that look similar like Dr.P or Mr.P; however, the rules differ when you get into Fantas and other colorful beverages.

  10. But It's Poorly Animated says:

    I've been drinking more Coca Cola recently for one reason, because one time I thought I was drinking Dr. Pepper, or Pepsi, at a restaurant and it was Coca Cola so I now have a new found respect for Coca Cola

  11. David B says:

    Cocoa Cola made 2 critical blunders when doing this. The first was they forgot to ask a simple question when polling people about the new beverage. That question was "If the new version was all that was available, would you drink it?" The second and most important error was Cocoa Cola screwed with a piece of a America. This product has been available for so long, that it has become woven into the fabric of our country. One simply does not put more stars on the flag, no does one change a 100 year old formula. Ironically, there still was a subtle but important change that went unadvertised. Cocoa Cola Classic is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, the original formula used cane sugar. Also, all the Coke other brands Zero, Zero Sugar, Diet, Caffeine Free, and so forth all use the new Coke aka Coke II formula. Growing up in the south and living through the reformulation I can tell you that people lost their minds during that three months. Worst….Idea…Ever.

  12. Đopi says:

    People in Louisiana don’t say coke we say coke products.

  13. Jack Eggebrecht says:

    As someone who has lived in the South pretty much on the border between one of the red and green areas, I hear both. I've heard similar sodas like Pepsi referred to as coke, but never anything like Sprite being called coke. For me, it's just coke is Coca Cola and nothing else. And definitely not pop. Calling soda "pop" sounds like Yankee heresy. 😀

  14. Joe Smith says:

    New coke was smoother and sweeter (and less carbonated), making it a better tasting product, but people wanted the original. Like VHS and Beta. Beta was smaller and better quality, but peeps liked VHS more for some odd reason. It makes no sense, but people don’t make sense either lol. Somatic response probably.

  15. Core Master says:


  16. William Torres-Walke says:

    this but with coke zero

  17. Michael Schuyler says:

    When Coke announced New Coke, Pepsi gave all employees the day off. They exploited this with a vengeance.

  18. john tan says:

    darn i want to drink the new coke now

  19. Faboi says:

    Everyone is like coke or pepsi I’m here like Dr.pepper is good

  20. Professor ! says:

    Uhm Diet Coke. That’s what coke is today

  21. Professor ! says:

    Did you know coke made the classic red Santa outfit?

  22. Filthiness says:

    when's the sprite cranberry video

  23. SaggyJ says:

    The word coke sounds weirder every time it’s said

  24. RDNCKRAMNOSD1 says:

    Whenever I hear him say Coke I think cocaine hope is a strange word if you're really think about it America loves cokecaine

  25. Mike Pastor. K says:

    Why is McDonald's coke the best?

  26. Mike Pastor. K says:

    Is there anyone who actually liked the new coke better?

  27. OofusTwillip says:

    The "New Coke" flavour wasn't completely abandoned. They used it for Diet Coke, and still do.

  28. VintageMeh says:

    I never got how coke and pepsi were competitors. Literally no one drinks pepsi. Its fucking terrible. Every other pepsi product is better than actual pepsi.

  29. Christopher Gibson9mm says:

    I prefer pepsi products.

  30. Rocco Borghetti says:

    You gotta also remember a driving force behind the nostalgia of Coca-Cola was that the company managed to strike a deal with the US government during World War II creating bottling plants across the globe to give as a moral boost to the servicemen. And the rest of the world saw Coca-Cola as a symbol of freedom and hope because millions of Americans came to liberate them from tyranny with a Coke in hand. And once they all returned home they were Coke buyers for life and most of their kids would be too. Flipping the script on millions and millions of people would definitely cause outrage and a cry for the original

  31. Mr. PiGGY says:

    I really want a Coke now 🙁

  32. Freekofnayture says:

    So what was the new formula? I wish u went into the details on that. Like u kept saying how ppl were mad about new coke but why? What are the details on the new coke? Not a bad video just annoying you didnt givee an answer on that

  33. golden majestic says:

    Damn I want some Coke!!

  34. Dakota North says:

    I would hoard as many cans of Coke as possible as long as it was available (not long) and I savoured it like I was drinking liquid gold. I have one of those cans left. But I was so excited to have it back. I have a can of New Coke as well. LOL can't even give it away.

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