Mortgage Interest Rates Daily Nov 6 2018

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Mortgage interest rates update for November 6, 2018. Rates are flat today.

Plain Text Transcript:
Hi, I’m Dan Eveland with mortgage rates
for November 6, 2018 – Election Day.
Midterm elections are happening today. Go out
and vote today. We’re seeing the stock
market up a little bit, but
mortgage-backed securities are not
doing too bad. They’re kind of flat,
similar as yesterday. We’re waiting to
see some ten-year auction results to see
if we can get a little bit of a jolt in
the opposite direction as you can see
from the graph. We’re kind of at that
support level on the floor of the 99.5 and 99.6 and
hopefully we don’t break through that,
but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna
happen but we need something to push us
back up and there’s not a ton of
economic news. Yesterday there was a
seven year treasury auction that didn’t
go super well for mortgages so we need
some news to happen in
order for things to kind of bounce back
the other way. Check back tomorrow. Go

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