Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer

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Part of the journey is the end.

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34 Responses

  1. Nathan L Fegan says:

    ‘Well this is a very important week for you isn’t it’. I do see a lot of similarities between Tony Stark here and in the first Iron Man. Is this the last act of defiance from the great Tony Stark?

  2. kim paan says:

    tony starve

  3. Desmond Alohan says:

    #3 trending? Did Thanos dust Youtube's credibility?

  4. Nikolaos Kondoudakis says:

    Captain America shaved LOL

  5. Jealyn McCurdy says:

    you cant kill tony he has so much to live for! I NEED PEPPERONY TO HAPPEN! BUT NO just kill him like Peter Parker!!! if you'll exuse me I am goin to cry myself to sleep

  6. Sidiq Cool says:

    kenapa ant man bisa selamat atau kluar dari kapsul kuantum !?

  7. Zkittlz AG says:

    I wish thanos used the time stone to revive Stan lee back.

  8. Hector Canchola says:

    RIP Captain's Beard.

  9. Elijuh says:

    Thano's got cho beard too cap?

  10. Hritik Zurange says:

    Spiderman:Far From Home trailer description : -The trailer begins with Peter Parker (Holland), Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), and Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), who tries to flirt with May. Peter is going on a school trip to Europe with Michelle/MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon), and, while packing his clothes, he leaves his Spider-Man suit at home. His objective is to go overseas and just take a brief rest from his life as a superhero

    The group goes to Venice, Italy, sees the canals, and there is some sort of budding romance between Peter and Michelle.

    Soon after that, we see Peter in a hotel room with Ned when a mysterious person suddenly appears and shoots a tranquilizer dart at Ned. It is Nick Fury, who is calling on Spider-Man for a mission.

    Several new uniforms are presented like the Stealth Suit (similar to the Noir Suit) and the classic uniform with the spider webs under the arms.

  11. Salyx Gamer says:

    Algum Br no meio de todos esses gringos? O.o

  12. Terrl 783 says:

    Were in the Endgame now.

  13. Dingra Boyz says:

    It's not to "EndGame" of Avanger✓
    It's beginning to "EndGame" of Thanos✓✓

  14. Samuel Feitosa says:

    Captain Marvel's post credit scene will be her rescuing Tony Stark and Nebula (remember that she was also alive in Titan after the snap) after she received the transmission from Nick Fury

  15. Sandro Malazoniaa says:


  16. Alotofthings S says:

    could this be the last avengers movie D:

  17. Josey Kelly says:

    Best part is the return of Hawkeye

  18. Arian Ravaei says:

    Like:Avengers end game
    Reply:YouTube rewind 2018

  19. Pankaj Giri says:

    Where is rocket racoon

  20. SID 555 says:

    Caps gonna sacrifice himself for the others

  21. Cairo Fahrenheit says:

    Can make magical machines that break and bend all the laws of physics – runs out of air. MCU everyone.

  22. Waidan Hernandez says:

    where is rocket ??

  23. Call_me_kev says:

    Anyone else notice how the sun shines right before the thor scene?
    I find it weird..

  24. Chaotic Penguin says:

    Thor really shook me. I don’t know why, because I really should have been expecting it, however I was really shocked when he appeared on the screen like that. I think it might be because it reminded me of Loki sitting behind the glass, having just lost someone he loved, and feeling defeated. Anyways I’ll go shoot myself now.

  25. Christopher Marcek says:

    It should be end game on all these super hero movies. How about some new ideas people.

  26. Adam Zach says:

    0.12 looks like the place in Tony’s vision

  27. silent3668 says:

    When that message actually reach Earth after the Endgame happens it's gonna be the most emotional moment ever to hit screens.

  28. Fancy says:

    Hmm thanos make lot of waste of semen

  29. n skillpo says:

    Ant man its coming to the avengers 4.. nice.. love it

  30. Dhruv Yadav says:

    Shaktiman is the ultimate saviour…

  31. Adam Zach says:

    I hope there is cameos here (can’t live without cameos)

  32. Sonic 1216 says:

    This Trailer Came Out 2 Days Ago and Already Has 56,136,791 Views and 2.7 Million Likes.

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