Marc Faber on 2008.12.29 about economy, inflation and deflation

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Marc Faber suggested on monday, 2008.12.29, on CNBC Squawk Box, to stay diversified but also to consider buying precious metals, oil and even industrial commodities.

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16 Responses

  1. mongobobo says:

    My call on gold was wrong. We are seeing some strange goings on when the dollar and gold are moving in concert. Despite the bad call on gold I still came up 15-20% in two days. The question is, do I have enough balls to hold on for more than a few weeks.

  2. mongobobo says:

    Buy stocks tomorrow!
    GLD, DGP, SLV, AEM, FCX, TBT and others. We will see a good 4 month rally that could send the S&P over 1,000 and the DOW over 10k. Obama's stimulus plus the approval of a 'Bad' Bank to buy worthless paper are going forward. In April or May sell all assests and go short all sectors and long the dollar.

  3. almetcalf says:

    Well, they are printing too much. i am trying to follow your logic, but if we had 20–30% interest that WOULD be massive inflation. However, I think you might be right about this blackhole that is sucking up money. but the money it is sucking up is thin air money. So how does that figure into all of this.

  4. roeschuxxx says:

    It's just for one purpose: "lookie lookie we got a new technical gadget, look what we can do with all that technology, uh uh"

  5. matt whitton says:

    yeah!! whats with the moving camera?????

    get me a paper bag!!

  6. fuzzywzhe says:

    > don't pay attention to CNBC visuals or the
    > interviewer, listen to what is being said by
    > Marc Faber – its time you get your hands on
    > precious metals.

    I did that years ago.

    I won't buy at this level, and I won't sell either.

  7. fuzzywzhe says:

    > This interviewer is stupid. Stupid.

    Of course. It's CNBC.

    And what is with the camera constantly moving around pointing at a monitor? Oh yeah, morons run this station..

  8. eye witness says:

    Constantly shifting the focus.

  9. ItalicBold says:

    Geez that introduction was just rude…

  10. disciple90633 says:

    how many times do these idiots on cnbc need Faber to repeat that he is most bullish on precious metals?

    There will be no deflation, idiots. We are headed for HUGE inflation in 2-5 years.

    When will the brainwashed mainstream media get it through their heads?

  11. Jessica Lantario says:

    let me say again, the Camera work shows how INSANE CNBC really is..

  12. Jessica Lantario says:

    holy cow, that camera work is annoying..

    CNBC is the most lame channel

  13. sportsfreundberlin says:

    is it even faber they've got on that screen?

  14. dbztiki says:

    Thanx for posting

  15. michael thomason says:

    I'm guessing the director thinks people are too dumb and ADD to concentrate for more than 5 seconds on a still image of Faber, hence the rollercoaster ride our eyes were just taken on.

  16. olecodjur says:

    Was the CNBS graphic of Farber done on a ship? I got sea sick watching this.

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