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Emergencies can crop up at any time, without warning. Often, unforeseen circumstances force you to liquidate your savings, selling off your assets and result in loss of earnings. Instead of breaking your FDs or liquidating your investment vehicles prematurely, consider taking a loan against Fixed Deposit.
Loan against Fixed Deposit is a secured loan option that requires you to pledge your FD as collateral in return for the loan amount. You can benefit from lower interest rates, easier application formalities and save your prized assets like land and property from being put at stake.
Loan against fixed deposits have simpler eligibility criteria, lower interest rates and affordable EMIs. You don’t have to break or liquidate your FD, and can avoid the hassle of putting valuable assets or property at stake. Using the FD calculator, you can also calculate your gains and manage finances accordingly.
With a suite of different benefits, taking a Loan against FD can be one of the best measures. Find out how a Loan against FD can help you during emergencies,
Why not take a loan against your fixed deposit instead? Find out how loan against FD can help you out in an emergency, by watching this video.

Watch the video to know about Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator:

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