Jordan Peterson | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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A Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Peterson has received considerable media coverage after publishing a series of videos criticising the Canadian government’s move to enact Bill C-16, which made misgendering a form of hate speech. His recent bestselling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos topped the Washington Post, WSJ and Reuters U.S bestsellers lists

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47 Responses

  1. T Schrade97 says:

    There's only one way to perceive a flat tire. The postmodernist conundrum

  2. FreshKonradore says:

    To me, what he says from 40:30 onward is absolutely essential.
    Also, regarding the last question: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" has been an accurate age-old proverb for a reason 😉

  3. patrick ponticel says:

    I disagree with JP that a journalist "should never ask" the question why free speech trump's a trans-person's right not to be offended. Can't imagine why he thinks that's an inappropriate question, given that a lot of trans-sexuals are asking that question and want to hear him expound on his ideas, which he did. Just at Cathy Newman intended.

  4. TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

    Asian guy needs to grow up and realise the world does not revolve around him.

  5. Richard Huang says:

    To radical left or right. Be grateful for what we've achieved and move forward.

  6. Richard Huang says:

    The old lady spoke with true observation. "Pay some respect to the path they've paved, to life they were dedicated and that should be celebrated" – twenty one pilots

  7. Hieronymus Larsson says:

    Spectacularly clever sounding, but he speaks way too fast in relation to the depth and difficulty of the things he is delving into. Warning for sophistry, at times.

  8. Raffaela Bartsch says:

    he is so eloquent in explaining everything

  9. R N says:

    He is a sell out! For money and fame!

  10. Gerwin Pruijssen says:

    He is a hero!

  11. Christopher Lynch says:

    I found that video very compelling. The only detail I can dispute is Peterson's tribute to British ingenuity when he asserted that the American Constitution owned its separation of powers to British political thinking. Wasn' t it the French thinker Montesquieu who formulated this?

  12. Lc Brown says:

    Show interview was fine add before it was so idiotic and partially full-out false I almost didn't watch. If those who post have influence in this, please take care. I'll reply to this program when I can.

  13. Earthflute World says:

    Outstanding.. as usual.

  14. Funken Drumble says:

    If only Hitchens were still here to eviscerate this utter charlatan.

  15. Gareth Ifan says:

    Hero of this age.

  16. tridentmusic says:

    Jordan gives a benevolent appraisal of Britain's fairness to individual sovereignty….Could this be the ultimate justification for leaving the "European union" (If not a Canada +++ deal)…… !

  17. tridentmusic says:

    Enjoy each other and rejoice in your differences. Absorb and Learn from them -and EVOLVE ! (it could be fun)

  18. The Black Mantis says:

    this guy is like Russel Brand but with aaaa lot of substance!

  19. gova98 says:

    Jordan Peterson is the only one who can speak for 1 hour and 15 minutes consecutively but yet not say a word.

  20. livetofreerunn says:

    Lol this girl behind is so fixed on everyone's perception of her self that she doesn't look once at who is speaking. Tragic.

  21. Random Guy says:

    19:11 No manners whatsoever

    Edit: 51:47 Oh god they are gonna let him talk?!?

  22. folio54 says:

    Such an intelligent and inspirational mind!!!

  23. MrWearenotallequal says:

    I missed this, enjoying now

  24. Friar Newborg says:

    UNIVERSITIES today = "Appalling beyond forgiveness" because of the way that they are pushing political correctness and tribalism at the expense of the Sovereign Individual

  25. Sebastien D'Haese says:

    I really wonder, who the people are that disliked the video? Then again, maybe I don't.

  26. jagelskarmcfly says:

    Really wish I was fluent in english. Some of the words is making it hard for me to understand.
    Though I must say, of the things I do understand, he is a very intelligent man and with a lot of experience. For every question someone gives him, he delivers a good answer.

  27. Daryl Martis says:

    I didn't know Jared Kushner went to Oxford.

  28. Kropikovo says:

    @59:20 the problem with regulating hate speech is, "who regulates the regulator".

  29. Eugene Krabs says:

    1:00:52 The SJW Cathy Newman incident.

  30. silvia sirbu says:

    He is so sexy with that beard, combined with that attitude and that intellect…Pfiu! He is The Man!

  31. Andrew Freeman says:

    Love how he moves his fingers while he's developing his word structure like a puzzle..Brilliant!!

  32. A. R. says:

    I've followed Jordan for long enough and read enough of his material now to do this. So here it is-
    Though Jordan Peterson claims to deeply care about free speech and
    maximizing opportunity, he has done so in a way that is too
    heavy-handed, and played into the hands of the 'identitarian right,' as
    he himself has called them. The angles he constantly goes on about,
    concerning gender, personality, spirituality ect- though in many ways
    true, are not so simple, nor are many of his claims about the big 5 a
    hard science like physics, as his intermittent forcefulness in
    interviews would have one think. In many instances, where he says 'We
    know that/this.'- as a genuine, truthful, scientist, he should be saying
    'it may mean…' or 'probability points in this direction so far.' He
    overplays the role of the left in suppressing speech and the sciences,
    and barely mentions it on the right- when it has long been the right,
    especially since the neocons if the late 70's (Perle, Wolfowitz, ect),
    trying to censor art, media, textbooks, and write evolution and science
    out of school textbooks- their influence on these things in policy far
    outweighs the only recently emerged progressive left -though they are a
    problem, for the same reasons- ironically. He does this, blames
    progressivism, radicals, protesters- while constantly recommending more
    'orderly' behavior, beginning with cleaning ones room- which would be a
    more conservative behavior in personality psychology, coincidentally. He
    hijacks the theories of progressive thinkers like Jung, Nietzsche, and
    existential writers and theology, then uses their theories to excuse the
    behaviors of neoconservatives and the Christian right in his
    interviews- the types of people Jung, Nietzsche, and the existentialists
    opposed and challenged during their lifetime- almost a complete
    blasphemy of their work. Jung had famously said that 'he was more like
    the witch doctors hed spent time with in Africa than a Christian.' Along
    with this- he pretends that Christianity has unique Jungian character
    and has lasted so long because of some pragmatic dynamism- and
    overlooked that much if not most of its new testament symbology was
    plagiarized from earlier, 'pagan' religions- last supper being a
    dionysian/orphic ritual being one- and it survived because of its harsh
    and brutal treatment of dissidents, outsiders, and its fervent
    colonialism/conversion. And lastly, Peterson talks a ton about communism
    and not enough about fascism, and never mentions the great progressive
    political thinkers- such as all the great classical anarchists (Bakunin,
    Goldman ect) or more recent progressive scholars who have far exceeded
    him both in academic and public life- such as Noam Chomsky, a thinker
    who debated the major conservatives and neoliberals of his time- from
    William Buckley to Richard Perle, and wiped the floor with them- all
    still on youtube.

    Pros: Jordan Peterson has challenged the toxic
    wing of the progressive left successfully better than any contemporary
    public figure, not only that, he has helped bring many folks from the
    furthest ends of the right to at least consider, if not adopt, more
    rational dialogue and thinking. His work has brought great existential
    thinkers and the study of depth psychology back to the academic and
    public conversation. He has also taken the dry, dogged thinking of many
    scientific atheists and opened it up to at least a new dialogue with
    deism- a difficult feat indeed. He has helped millions of people get
    their lives together, and resisted the multitude of ad hoc attacks from
    mainstream journalists controlled by financial oligarchs like a true
    leader. Because of him- the revolution of people listening to long-form
    dialogue has increased by untold amounts, stopping the unbelievable
    damage being caused by soundbites and clickbait. Regardless of the
    damage or neglect some of his views may do, the good his work has done
    is undeniable.

    Even all that out and there it is. He's a mentally sharp
    guy- but truth be told, I think he needs to quit being so stubborn, calm
    down a bit- its making him sound like the very ideologues he claims to
    challenge. And on many sites I notice people who are his fans, sort of
    echoing his quips- though they may have opened their minds listening to
    him, doesn't seem like they did much after. For them, I don't mean
    offense- but there is plenty more out there to read- you'd think some of
    them went to sleep listening to audiobooks by Milton Friedman.

  33. Andrew Freeman says:

    Christ is using Dr. Peterson in profound ways…
    “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand—-summation of leftism..

  34. gojeta1999 says:

    1:09:24 only Peterson can sit in silence for a minute and draw out an applause

  35. Andrew Freeman says:

    Society needs to go from low level resolution (media, jealousy, Vagueness, hate) to high level resolution (long form discussions, independence, logic, reason)

  36. Pops150 says:

    Re: Trudeau and tribalism. Yay! 1:09:51 "Tribalism can do nothing but bear evil fruit in the long run."

  37. Мирон Никитин says:

    I would like to ask Jordan if genes really means that much as you say than what is the moral apology for inequality of income? I mean, they’re not guilty they’re (or “we are”, depends of who do you think you are) born dumb/fool, why they should eat or travel less? I am pretty sure this question will not be answered by Jordan himself so maybe I should adress this question to his audience.

  38. rich stephen says:

    What an intro… best description of left and right politics I've heard. If everyone heard this people may even start coming back to the centre.

  39. Sally Tweddle says:

    An experienced wise elder, the young should LISTEN ! Largo.

  40. Philippe Winston says:

    THE RAT RACE in a great many convoluted words

  41. Joefest99 says:

    The smug look on the face of the female behind Dr. Peterson is so distracting!

  42. Bill Perspic says:

    i wonder if Jordan will ever take the number of the Beast so he can buy or sell/.. I hope he's around when that happens.. Ill be very interested in how he leads us out of that debacle,,,

  43. Peter Cohen says:

    My goodness the Brits are civil.

  44. Gilberto Hernandez says:

    A smart man.

  45. NAMAGASA says:

    I love this man's mind. I wish these disrespectful students would have stood up to welcome such a great mind.

  46. Omega Fury says:

    Wao JORDAN just say it is COMMUNIsm and talk about the horrors of COMMUNIsm, no need to dance around it.
    No need to make it so complicated
    No wonder he is tired at the end.

    He takes shit that can be said in 2 to 7 sentences and he talks for fucking 5 minutes. About the same points he has talked about many times.

    One would think that by now he has developed short answers to the PROGRESSIVE POST MODERNIST PROBLEMs…. what they are how it will end etc….same with every other topic..

  47. Ur Y Dad Left says:

    57:14 How uncomfortable.

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