Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Jeremy Corbyn: Biggest diss ever

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Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Jeremy Corbyn: Biggest diss ever

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29 Responses

  1. Origami Poker says:

    Someone buy the speaker of the house a gavel for Christmas please.

  2. Midironica says:

    JRM for PM

  3. Tom Stone says:

    Corbyn talking shit as usual , it’s ok because the blinded children will believe him.

  4. funguy farage says:

    corbyn "i deal in slogans and i am clueless on economics"

  5. Margaret Edwards says:

    I'm a working class female!! Given the opportunity I would vote for Mr Rees mogg ! I would never ever vote for the fake socialist party also known as the labour party!! Mr Rees mogg I respect!! Corbyn and his awful front benchers I personally disspise! I find these socialist a vile bunch who would destroy what's left of Christian Britain!! Vile bunch of scum!!!

  6. PlaceOfOrigin says:

    I wish Jacob would deal with that lying scumbag Alistair Campbell. He seems to be getting more air time lately.

  7. ECLKWRIG says:

    So……. Rees-Mogg clearly lied to the House when he categorically denied having set up a fund in Dublin.

  8. Rasputin says:

    Have you seen the video where the white boy is alleged to have bullied the Syrian boy? Jacob Rees Mogg was bullied at school. His bullies wore top hats, swore at him in Latin and had their butlers pour Perrier into his face. Corbyn had it easier. He paid a young Diane Abbott to do the bullying on his behalf.

  9. Bruce Burns says:

    Corbyn a master of Neo Marxist Properganda and half truths , absolutely the same as the Sister Party here in Australia our Labor Party , Communist scum who benifit two classes of people , the public servents who are the only Union members left as all our industries have been destroyed , and all the underclass on benifits , both the two classes of bludging blood suckers are what keeps the Socialist Fascists alive all on public money .

  10. Russian Troll so Im told says:

    Jeremy Corbyn…traitor to the British working class.

  11. Olive Pip says:

    Corbyn is a weasel

  12. Neil Hedley says:

    Another Hooray Henry from the privileged classes that knows nothing .

  13. Gary Shropshire says:

    corbyn is an eu loving wank stain like Tony blair and they both want shooting.

  14. Roboute Guilliman says:

    Talk about outclassed

  15. Suzy Siviter says:

    Corbyn the man that finally stopped me voting labour.
    Choosing between May and Corbyn is like asking us to pick; Pol Pot or Stalin.

  16. TONY CLAY says:

    Nationalize the railways and give free education because Corbyn is a socialist and that's what they do says Lord Snooty …could it be that Railways and schools work better when the priority is reliable transport and better education for everyone who contributes to society and pays these peoples salaries from out of their wages .. rather than ways for the rich to makes money out of peoples basic needs. JRM is stuck in a pre WW1 time warp.

  17. TONY CLAY says:

    Project Fear? Fear is not the same as cowardice, fear can be useful for self preservation. No deal is NOT better than a bad deal. No deal is a bloody disaster for Brits home and abroad. We brought this nonsense on ourselves (with Cameron's help) it's not the EU's fault and if we don't wake up and stop
    this stupid game of political ping pong we will get the worst deal
    imaginable AND it will still be better than 'No Deal'. Would it be giving in to Project Fear to ask if there were enough lifeboats (back up plan) on board the Titanic before buying a ticket?

  18. Kevin Wellwrought says:

    We need a leader who can empathise with average people in UK. These rich politicians like May, Farage and Johnson can never understand the problems of the working class

  19. Randy Marsh says:

    wunt to learn how to draw amazing eyuart?

  20. NervousIsotope says:

    Jeremy Corbyn needs to ask himself and his party, if they want socialism so much, how would a European body which could control business all across the continent allow him to seize the means of production? He, along with his party and all the Momentum thugs, should be ideologically opposed to a European Union.

  21. Tom Wicklen says:

    How many ads???

  22. matchbox555 says:

    WOW! Corbyn kicked Mogg's posh arse so hard he landed on Mars.

  23. Carole Reynolds says:

    Corbyn is evil & a massive threat to British security.

  24. WC HEAD. says:

    the nasty party are on the edge the dup can kill them off.

  25. WC HEAD. says:

    JRM is old hat!, but he'll think that's hip.

  26. Whavetherules says:

    Every comment slaging JC , Just a bunch of slags is all i see here.

  27. pindrop says:

    Never Corbyn.

  28. peter adams says:

    corbyn will never be pm, labour is unelectable……

  29. Andrew Mack says:

    A person in Corbyns position should really have some understanding of how investment funds work, but clearly he doesn't even though I'd have expected him to learn that 20 years ago. Whilst having in depth knowledge of it isn't really too important, It would be extremely dumb to vote in someone as PM that doesn't understand this at all…

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