Is HSBC Going To Use XRP Soon?

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34 Responses

  1. AYPchat says:

    Okay we know it was with R3 and their Corda platform and we also know R3 are closely connected with ripple and want some of that xrp. So it wasn't ripple but it's still about xrp perhaps as the digital assets, or one of them they could use?

  2. I hate banks but xrp value should go up one way or another

  3. smoky e says: careful only invest want u are willing to lose.

  4. rob andone says:

    `This kid is so fucking annoying with the constant XRP shilling. HSBC is NOT using XRP. They are using SWIFT GPI. Read the damn press release.

  5. James S. says:

    Still purely speculation.

  6. Xrp will change our lives get ready

  7. Thammering says:

    HSBC is using R3's Corda platform – google it. The digital asset is called CBDC – central bank digital currency. R3 basically copied ripples tech and made there own ledger

  8. Drawing the conclusion that these guys are talking about Ripple's XRP is at odds with the news in April that HSBC were going with Swifts:

  9. P Murphy says:

    TOTAL Bullshit
    Banks will never use XRP
    You're all going for a ride…

  10. Allen Zhang says:

    Hi alex. can you do a review of our xrphi app in Google play? its our XRP wallet base in d philippines. pm you in tweeter, plz check, thanks!

  11. DON'T FORGET: R3’s Corda is s legal dispute with Ripple at this very moment. The dispute was made due to R3's option to purchase XRP at .08c CONTINGENT on R3 introducing RIPPLE to their large group of financial partners. My (educated) guess is the HSBC will be using the R3 open source to integrate blockchain into their pre existing banking systems. From there XRP and XRAPID will then be integrated into R3’s Corda Blockchain platform. GREAT NEWS OVERALL IMO!

  12. SD says:

    Not Ripple product I think. R3 Corda member.

  13. Sophie Vu says:

    Alex what do you think about xrp yourself . Xrp is controlled by ripple . They betray us all of investors. Brad garlin shit.

  14. Richard says:

    If for example HSBC, The Mitsubishi Bank, SBI Holdings, The Central Bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Bank of England and The Bank of America, to name a few, (in a very low key manner) start to switch over to Xrapid, and using XRP digital bridge asset. What are the chances that MANY other banks throughout the world will QUICKLY follow their lead?

    And if it looks like a duck, and it waddles like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…. it's XRP.

  15. Crypto Ninja says:

    Hi Alex, I really agree with you in regard to XRP, but can you please stop doing so many live sessions and post videos that a relevant and straight to the point. Each time I try to watch your live stream, it is very slow and most of it is just talking chit chat. I think non-liive sessions would be better and more interesting.

  16. Alex Hall says:

    banks are building… sbi is a bank , they founded ripple?

  17. Sophie Vu says:

    A. C i think xrp soon nothing worth. In 2023 xrp go to 0.01 cent. Sbi fraud xrp fraud too. To much centralize

  18. straxinya says:

    So what if they said "built by banks"… It's like when it is said that some pharao build a piramid. Surely the pharao didn't push stones himself…

  19. LWT.Digital says:

    Very likely especially with Ripples presence in China

  20. Darth Ripple says:

    It'S XRP. Mark my words. Brad Garlinghouse told us. "we are signing up at least 1 bank a week". It was a few months ago when he told this. So at the moment they must have more than 200 banks as partners.

  21. Scott Martin says:

    Platform has to be bank agnostic and cannot be led or driven by one bank….. that part said alot to me. Ripplenet??

  22. He also said built by banks but they would say that since xrp ripple is backend

  23. chris larson is on the board!!!!!!

  24. Nothing to do with XRP. Built by banks says it all.

  25. Brandy Wasay says:

    Yoohoo … XRP to the MOON ! ! !

  26. Adam Bunge says:

    Hey Alex, something that stands out to me the most is their subtle stab at western union, leading me to believe that they're using xrp and ripple. "This isnt a one off transaction that HSBC did in a silo", HSBC here seems to be making fun of western unions ten transactions that they claim didnt save them any money.

  27. XRP Pom Mom says:

    10,000 XRP could change a Pom's Life!

  28. They'll be using 'World Wire' i.e. IBM & XLM.
    97% of the world’s largest banks are clients of IBM – google this…

  29. mrxkyle22x says:

    The full video actually said it’s r3 Corda not xrapid

  30. Its Corda Blockchain under VoltronOne. Says in a different video by HSBC, search "blockchain-transforming-the-future-of-trade-finance".

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