Inflation Sucks

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In this video I discuss inflation and why Im saving some money in crypto.

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4 Responses

  1. Trevor Dowdle says:

    Great insight, inflation is definitely a killer. Personally, i'm looking to invest in Real Estate, A broad breadth of companies via index funds, and of course Cryptocurrency like Ravencoin. To not put all my eggs in one basket, and hopefully beat or at least keep up with inflation. Superb videos Kira!

  2. Dillon Regimbal says:

    I wish I made $22million playing with toys lol

  3. Thanks for Trump CNN, MSNBC and Hillary says:

    4 Autistic kids?Are any of them Twins?

  4. Thanks for Trump CNN, MSNBC and Hillary says:

    Top 5 South Park episodes
    1.scott tenorman must die
    2.Trapped in the closet
    4.imagination land
    5.Grounded Vindaloop

    Pre school,Butters pimp episode

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