HSBC Play of the Day – Roger Federer

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8 Responses

  1. Haajir Yabre says:

    Winning a point when the opponent falls can't be play of the day unless there isn't a better shot

  2. Rob Lidster says:

    Also loved that drop shot where Cilic didn't even move.

  3. Cerph says:

    He's got the best backhand of all time.

  4. A. I. says:

    I thought Roger wouldn't make that return. How unbelievable!

  5. TheBigSquirrel 50 says:

    Troll logic: "Roger won? Must be a weak era."

    So this is a weak era?

  6. Nadal is sucks cheater says:

    donkey kong is arrogant moron

  7. maccajoe says:

    Federer floats across the court

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