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How to apply effective money management and use compound interest to build your trading account.

Compounding calculator:

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  1. Traderin Moscow says:

    Never stop…idiotic idea……continue your processing strategy…..if your startergy bring you majority profit….continueprocessing

  2. Pray To The Only God says:

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  3. Carl Hilary says:

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  4. ChasingDragons says:

    Why don't you show us a real live account that you are compounding in this way? Then you will have my undivided attention.

  5. Pray To The Only God says:

    4 sins are the source of all humanity major trajedies &corruption, for these 4 sins, God promised (in Quran) eternal hellfire for the doers in the day of judgement:

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  6. Sergio TL says:

    I think stopping trading once you've achieved your weekly % target, even if it is after just one trade, is terrible advice. If you have a consistently profitable strategy you should just continue trading as long as you find profitable spots. Not doing so is missing a lot of good oportunities to make profit. If your system makes an average 10% per month, the more trades you close the sooner you'll get to the average profit your strategy provides. What if on day one you make a 2.5% but then you can't make your 2.5% next week? If you just had kept trading consistently, by the end of the month you'd probably have made enough trades for probability to work.

  7. Prathyuksh Arya says:

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  8. Frank Danga says:

    Very interesting

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  10. Kristian Schuster says:

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  17. charlene cooper says:

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  18. man kind says:

    if u tell us ur trading style then it will be best for it

  19. Mohammed zakir Hussain says:

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  21. hassanouf ahmed says:


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