How to Love Your Child the Right Way | Dr. Shefali | Goalcast

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Renowned child psychologist Dr.Shefali Tsabary dispenses life-changing messages on conscious parenting and loving your child in the most meaningful way.

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38 Responses

  1. Tu-Anh Ton says:

    Great video love this edit but the name of the vid sucks

  2. Trump Australia says:

    How about loving people who want to bring their children the opposite way to this… How about loving them UNCONDITIONALLY ! Not wanting to change who they are… !

  3. Seif Boukhatem says:

    Hope my parents could understand this, they made my life a pretty much like a prison and hell

  4. crystal grace says:

    I clicked on 999like and it changed to 1K

  5. Hans Hoerdemann says:

    Good video. Bad grammar. "Try loving your child for who he is," not "try loving your child for who they are." A child is singular in number. Are you afraid to say "he" because you might be called sexist by the PC crazies?

  6. strange sauce says:

    i tried showing this to my shit mom

    she broke my phone and now i am texting on a half broken phone

  7. Gareth Williams says:

    Love this!

  8. SHIVANAND MS says:

    Must watch

  9. Thomas Grabowski says:


  10. Thomas Grabowski says:

    I am showing this to my rents.

  11. Guess Who Am I says:

    Oof, the vocab lost me xD

  12. Pelajar X says:

    Accept yourself first and you'll accept your children for whoever they are

  13. Beast Alias says:

    Subscribe to me please it will mean a lot to me

  14. Ben Lee says:

    Why am I watching this? I am a child

  15. Tony T says:

    I love you, I hope people listen to what your saying because you are 100% true. that's why I decided to go out on my own after talking to my parents and them not understanding me, now I'm successful and very happy, don't be around people who make you feel like you aren't good enough or who make you feel alone.

  16. Ashley Collins says:

    I never feel real life from my family. Only judgement and this wavering hope that i'll come running back and accept their way of life. I tried their way and I almost killed myself. I'm struggling now but I'm happier now. I wish they would just see that…wow this was a super sad comment lol. Sorry +!

  17. Mark Vincent Ordiz says:

    even our relationship with our God is conditional

  18. Atlanta718 says:

    Love is conditional
    – control
    – fear

    Live up to the checklist of success given by family
    Accept them for who they are but first accept yourself for who you are
    Overachiever and doing is coming from fear and lack.
    Get in touch with ordinary
    Don't feel good enough
    No attachment to labels

  19. May May says:

    I wish my parents would see this. Life's hard for me as it is without me having to bear the constant weight of their disapproval.

  20. Alan Xu says:

    It is exactly what happened to me. It is a desteraster

  21. Joseph Wilson says:

    I hope when I becomes a father that I'll be able to applied those insight to let my child be a child untill he discovered himself for whom he his. I pray!

  22. Jaswanth nalagatla says:

    That awkward moment when our parents say "you cannot succed in life with out a college degree"

  23. Isaac KiB says:

    dislike This? seriously? You people are born in wrong Planet I guess.

  24. Happy Facts Lifestyle says:

    If you can give love without expecting anything in return, you can enjoy the greatest pleasures life has to offer. Wonderful video

  25. Steven & Tracey Jiles says:

    I agree with her in part, but parenting also involves setting standards and expectation that help guide the child in being their optimal selves. Doesn't mean that you don't love them when they miss the mark, but the guideposts and standards are set to help not hurt. If not why even have parents to begin with except to procreate? True love involves disciple and guidance as well…. "
    "Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
        but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them." (Proverbs 13:24)

  26. Kavya Rathod says:


  27. Arthur Chase says:

    Strong Message
    I had to listen a few more times to truly think and contimplate who am I?
    We are all so busy in our own lives functioning like a machine that we forget sometimes that we are human.

  28. Outsmart & Outwork says:

    When I heard this brilliant mind at Tom Bilyeu it was mind blowing because it happened exactly when I was going to become a father. In that moment I realize that I need to learn a complete new type of information to accomplish the new mission I was given.

  29. Arthur Chase says:

    Wow I like this message
    GG brah

  30. Nicholas Yee Loy says:

    Well done as always


    Loving your child consist Of treating them the way you want to be treated.

  32. Ahmed Motivates says:

    Goal Cast is My Inspiration

    They inspired me to create my channel Now i upload Motivational Videos and Vlogs Every Week

    Your Support Will Be Appreciated

    ❤️Have A Nice Day Everyone❤️

  33. Discover Your Awesomeness says:

    It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.

  34. Uttam paghdal 11 says:


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