How To Answer Verbal Reasoning Tests

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38 Responses

  1. steve smith says:

    this advice is awesome. but it is true you don't always have time to practice, more than a few hours.

  2. Hyt R says:

    video may be good but sound is very low; would be great if it was recorded louder

  3. Watapon Watapon says:

    So what level of difficulty was this question

  4. Centigradez says:


  5. warda kim says:

    nice one

  6. Juliet Chris says:

    mine is next week. I pray I pass to the next stage

  7. plato says:

    thanks bro â˜ș

  8. Aina Cathrina Carreon says:

    Thank you for sharing. this is very useful 🙂

  9. warren hall says:

    Thank you I learnt a lot from this video.

  10. Kalahari Mollel says:

    useful n helpful, thank you !

  11. LuĂ­s M says:

    Verbal reasoning tests in 1 week, any major tips? Thank you. Happy New Year 2018.

  12. n2e says:

    That's really useful! Read the question, and then look for the keywords in the passage.

  13. Z-o-r-o says:

    You are the Best bro

  14. Kamil Nowicki says:

    Q1 – answer is A not B like you said.

  15. Arya A says:

    I'm still not understanding why the third one is false, can you please explain? Many thanks

  16. stephanie's style says:

    Mines next week

  17. Michal Petras says:

    Thank you. The very good tips. i have increased my speed radically

  18. mrwideboy says:

    the time limit SHL  put on for a mathematical test is just unreasonable. They wanted me to answer 18 questions in 17 minutes which involved taking data like profit  or tax paid in a year and analysing which group paid the most from a graph or chart and calculating it. You had 3 questions to answer and then it changed the graph /chart to something else, so you just started to become familiar with the way the data was displayed then they changed it. In the practice questions you have a time limit of 15 minutes for 8 questions on the same graph, which was about the right time frame. What were these people trying to prove  how quick you are a typing a calculator? if you made one typing error on the calc then your time was up on that question. pointless test. fucking idiots. I have a physics Phd, if I want to calculate something quick I write a program.

  19. Taghrid Fneich says:

    Thank you

  20. TheTruth says:

    If you do not have the correct answer to this test then you should not be misguiding people with what MAY BE false answers provided by yourself. Your method of choosing to read the questions first only works sometimes – however in this case, you chose the wrong answer to the first question. The correct answer to Question 1. is A.

  21. Imtiaz Farooq says:

    Excellent video. Thank you for your help

  22. Luke Sweeney says:

    I watched this to get some help on verbal reasoning, but this is so poorly done. The presenter also sounds like he is struggling to grasp onto what is actually being said in the text. I really wouldn't recommend using this video as a revision source.

  23. SWEETMORE says:

    So I came here to help myself with these tests but the first question is already controversial since the use of the word "may" could be taken a few different ways. So now I am worse off! DISLIKE

  24. Jumoke Oluwakemi Shotunde says:

    the video was good but you kept on talking at the beginning

  25. Aaron Bains says:

    when skimming through looking for key words what do you do if the wording is different

  26. Peace Aribisala says:

    Very effective,best YouTube!

  27. Scripted_Immersion says:

    CareerVidz im 11.
    Guess what? I'm taking my test tomorrow!
    +England United kingdom London

  28. sparklewonder2000 yi says:

    this was no help

  29. Eleanor Baylon says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  30. Mstfhshm says:

    Too much talking really

  31. Craig Fletcher says:

    Hi Richard, Wanted to drop by and say this video was really useful to me. I didn't have days to get lots of practice in and I've suffered terribly with exam nerves since very young but practiced several times before I took the test yesterday. The single biggest tip for me was scanning the passage for words in the question, that made a big difference to the time I was taking. You made that point really well and very clear. Nerves still crept in and I felt them affecting me but this and my practice lifted my mark from what it would have been otherwise. Thank you for posting it.

    I'm now doing the numerical test technique research. These tests I can do standing on my head in a work environment but for a test when you want to do your best, get none wrong and against the clock, it feels so different.

    Thank again.

  32. Jasper Vicente says:

    Hi, Im gonna be doing UKCAT this October 4, do you have any tips for reading comprehension? Where the answers are in bullet point notes.

  33. Gary Mehmet says:

    Excellent video. very helpful tips as I prepare to sit a verbal reasoning test. I have always tried to read the text and understand it before answering questions and watching time rush by, almost in panic. Your tip on going to the questions first, highlighting key words and skimming through the text to find them is brilliant!! thank you so much. I feel more confident now

  34. Enigmo says:

    you could actually read that whole passage in 30 seconds?

  35. Dj SPAWN says:

    Very useful Richard.. thanks allot

  36. VyKing says:

    This method gave me worse results on a practice test than just doing the test my own way… 2012 video way out of date… the tests are different now.

  37. Blank Space says:


  38. Ishtiaq Khan says:

    Superb. Need more Example.

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