Government is Incompetent on Brexit says Mervyn King!

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The former governor of the Bank of England has condemned the government’s handling of Brexit as ‘incompetent’.


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Mervyn King, the former governor of the Bank of England has called the government’s handling of Brexit into question and said that it beggars belief that the world’s sixth largest economy has got itself into this position with regard to Brexit.

However, before Remainers have a wet-dream over this, he did say:

“It doesn’t tell us anything about whether the policy of staying in the EU is good or bad, it tells us everything about the incompetence of the preparation for it.”

And he also said that it was not just the government that was to blame, it was parliament as a whole as well as the civil service that got us where we are now.

Now, to me that sums up ‘the establishment’ – government, parliament and the civil service! Now factor in the likes of the BBC and you can see why Brexit has been bodged.

It has been bodged on purpose, far from being bodged by incompetence it has been bodged competently by an establishment intent on bodging it!

And right on cue, the former Labour minister, Andy Burnham, who is now the mayor of Greater Manchester is calling for an extension to the Article 50 negotiating period as well as giving ‘qualified’ support for a second EU referendum.

He claims that the chances of a no deal Brexit are so high that the UK needs to ask for an extension to the Brexit negotiation phase to prevent a no-deal Brexit happening.

And talking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme Burnham said:

“So as a last resort, when everything else has failed, when we have tried to extend article 50 to get more time, then and only then should we consider holding a second vote.”

Moving on, I’ve just read a report in the Guardian where the headline and primary text paints a sorry picture for the UK services sector.

According to the piece, the services sector is being held back by a skilled labour shortage due to a lack of workers coming from the EU and it says that the latest IHS Markit/CIPS report “….suggested companies are being held back from carrying out their activities by the labour shortage”.

So, I toddled off over to the ONS website to check out the latest population and migration report for August 2018 and lo and behold, the numbers of people coming into the UK from the EU are indeed falling – but, the numbers of people coming from the rest of the world have been increasing. So overall the result is about balanced out. And overall net migration it is still on par, if not above, the levels seen in the 2009 to 2014 period!

When looking at net EU immigration in isolation, yes it has fallen since March 2016, but once again it is still above that seen until 2013 – and the UK was not falling apart back then was it?

The latest IHS Markit / CIPS UK Services Purchasing Managers Index, said things like:

“UK service providers experienced a stronger increase in business activity and incoming new work during August. Improving business conditions helped to underpin a rebound in employment growth to its fastest for six months.”


“At 54.3 in August, up from 53.5 in July, the seasonally adjusted IHS Markit/CIPS UK Services PMI® Business Activity Index reached its second- highest level since February.

“The headline index has posted above the 50.0 no-change mark in each month since August 2016, and the latest reading was slightly above the average seen over this period (54.0). Service providers linked higher activity to resilient business and consumer demand.”

On the downside the report did though note that:

“….a lack of suitably skilled candidates to fill vacancies had held back staff hiring and constrained business expansion plans.”

As well as:

“….business confidence regarding the year-ahead outlook dropped down to its lowest since March, which was attributed to political uncertainty and the unpredictable impact of Brexit on clients’ business operations.”


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23 Responses

  1. Jeff Taylor says:


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  2. rastabarwell says:

    The shitty government is incompetent at everything, all parties. Always have and always will be. The whole world still being ran by the corrupt aristocracy.

  3. Soul Searcher says:

    This bodge was predicted on the run up to the referendum. A second referendum would be another betrayal of democracy against those who voted to leave originally. Why be surprised ? The EU and the whole political and media agenda is to eradicate democracy. With this, it is obvious to the sensible (leftists not included here) where this will all lead if it isn't stopped now. Another dictatorial regime.

  4. Bevila says:

    In Turkey a migrant can only stay in the country for three months max then they got to leave the country or get arrested, Britain should do the same not allowing them to stay here no wonder our country is overcrowded with them with problems and crime.

  5. Ken Rutherford says:

    Apparently, your video id being blocked,

  6. rachel469 says:


  7. Brian Reeve says:

    I have a sat nav for sale with traitor may,s voice on really struggling to sell it anybody know why

  8. 666VIKING1 says:

    May as a Remainer, was too eager to take over the helm when Cameron fell apart like a quiverring Jelly over the result of the Referendum.

    It does appear as you say Jeff that being in control she has effectively done everything she could to crash Brexit. By deliberately endangering our economy and future wealth and Security, is this not Treason Against State!!. If she had done this in America, she would have been arrested and thrown in the choky for betraying the country. She thought she could con the British Public, by agreeing to do everything the Brexiteers wanted, whilst doing everything she could in the opposite direction. What a disgusting Leader.

  9. 1978ajax says:

    You know, I feel a prediction coming on.
    Namely, that the gutless remainers will throw May to the dogs in a last-ditch effort to delay Brexit. It will go something like this;
    'Yes, the whole thing has been handled very badly, and we have to admit that the negotiations were a farce. With reluctance, we must blame May and her team, who are now to be removed. Unfortunately, this will mean renegotiating the whole thing, which we will undertake as rapidly as we can in the circumstances. Give us two or three years.'

  10. Eddie W says:

    time to shoot a few in olden times.

  11. MrTudwud says:

    Mervyn King – probably the worst BoE Chief ever until this Canadian clown was given the job! The Establishment (that allowed the referendum in the first place) set it out as "In" or "Out". There was no ballot paper showing "Remain"/"Deal". I don't trust anybody associated with the BoE, especially as our Canadian "friend" is totally anti-Brexit and anti the £ and has been so long before the referendum took place. There should never have been an "argument/disagreement/debate on a "deal or no deal" because NOBODY who voted leave voted for that scenario. So Mervyn King's sentiments may have SOME merit but none of this rhetoric should ever had arisen in the first place.

  12. Fred says:

    An extension to the Article 50 period would have no effect under the law. Parliament has enacted a statute that will automatically take the UK out of the UK on the specified date, with or without a deal.

  13. Ray Summers says:

    At least somebody with Intelligence can work that out. Unlike the idiot at The Bank of England. And moron Hammond.

  14. andrew eeles says:

    Wake wake you hand work is working to turn the uk into a third world sate but you have your country back the big bank in the world is leaving the uk for german ! How that to wake up from your madness ! Is time you stop have fairly tales ! The real world is come to the door wake up to your madness

  15. Stewart Reid says:

    May is making a dreadful mess of Brexit. She does not want to leave under any circumstances. This why she comes away with Russian poisoning nonsense. It is pretty evident that she thinks the British People are "Dumb"!

  16. Philip Reina says:

    JR MOGG for PM soonest please !

  17. I knewit. says:

    As a Manc I disavow Andy Burnham, he is a sellout of the highest order!

  18. David of Yorkshire says:

    What nobody is actually saying is what needs to be said. Finally someone says the words, but it's a "former" which means he's irrelevant.

    Stop attacking the decision, it's made it was done fairly and democratically. The problem is NOT the decision, it's the government. Those entrusted to enact, carry out and implement that decision. They seem incapable of doing so, yet continually tell us how difficult and complicated it is because they are busy worrying about the other side of the negotiations. Our position is simple – we are leaving, they are making it impossibly complicated. They have also made no provision, as is there duty and responsibility to allocate resources and prepare for change. All they've done is talk often contradictory. By now we should have an army of customs officers trained and ready for deployment, technology parallel run (tested) ready for implementation, and most importantly a business and action plan from the day after leaving onward. Two years of talking later and they are still blaming the EU for their indecision and lack of action. It's pathetic.

  19. john stroud says:

    King is absolutely right, my one argument is that it`s TOTAL and ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE. Yes I totally agree whit who is responsible, parliament and it`s civil service in their wentirety

  20. Douglas Jackson says:

    incompetent or disingenuous ?

  21. Chris Newton says:

    In case you've never noticed, the pound has dropped 20% since Brexit
    It has dropped 50% in the last ten years
    The EU workers have gone away, because the pound is weak !

  22. Andy Baker says:

    the truth will out , the goverment should be taken to court, but not the european court, they were paid by taxpayer to work for the people, not fill there own pockets, and waisting time and money keeping us in the eu

  23. rani says:

    what is the article about?

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