Giving away free black market items (PEOPLES REACTIONS!!)

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Made some people happy and were good to go!

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18 Responses

  1. McIntyre Sudderberg says:

    Ayyy it's me!

  2. Drag0nR3cker455 says:

    Wassup im in the discord

  3. lololol polpol says:

    whats your controls?

  4. ItsDragonLord says:

    Is dis you. The one who almost succeeded on that aerial

  5. Domin8tor says:

    Ayeeee im in the vid!

  6. Gnamuste says:

    do you play on the keyboard?

  7. SsenTI / Dota2 and More says:

    can u give me one? :>

  8. Erdem Yavuz says:

    Hio i am back

  9. Titanium Teddy says:

    You should do crate openings but if you get a BM the item you got before that you have to give it away

  10. tonyizm says:

    This is why ur my fav freestylers

  11. tonyizm says:

    Great vid!!!

  12. FridayGamez says:

    Good work Tommer, we made some days

  13. Ryan Damboise says:

    Ty for that dope bm!

  14. Dr. Toad says:

    12:10 hey I'm in the video xD (look bottom right)

  15. Vybe RL says:

    7:40 did you give away the slipstream that you were supposed to giveaway from your last video, lol what.

  16. Lilly Is Here says:

    So kind of you 😀

  17. Oinnk says:

    Ayy I'm happy you made them happy! Your a good person.

  18. YourHired -Gaming and More says:

    Start a series on rainbow 6

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