FREE MARKET – Stossel, Is America #1 Comparing the Free Market to India, Hong Kong and the US

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The previous piece is based on this shows concept.

Friedman, Milton
For my kids to counter politely any economic dispute in school, I suggest they say the following.

I don’t think Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams would agree with that!

And I can probably find a DVD clip where Friedman handles that exact question or parts of Sowell or Williams books where they historically show where that doesn’t work. Friedman taught, wrote and proved that the free market is the superior way.
57 minutes
Especially watch Milton handle Progressive questions at the end!

The following show can be found on line. 1980’s
Volume 1: Power of the Market.

The wicked end result of destroying the Free Market.

Communism, Fascism, Mou

7 minutes

The real danger are Progressives.

8 minutes

The solution: Coolidge and Harding, Roaring Twenties, Hoover prolonged depression, FDR made it the Great Depression..

7 minutes

Larger versions available for watching.

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8 Responses

  1. Kirat Singh says:

    at 25:40 you say china then china it is

  2. Nathaniel Tan says:

    President Trump is making America great again!

  3. Weight Loss Ninjas says:

    It's amazing now India is rich

  4. Joyson Fernandes says:

    FUCK SOCIALISM for destroying my country – India!

  5. Tom Evans says:

    "Free market" except when there's Crony Capitalism, eh John?
    Oh, but you did a PIECE on that, so it's ok!

  6. Chuck S says:

    When did this first air? I suspect that India may have learned from this, since they're dong great now.

  7. ByteBrained says:

    Watching this, knowing the time-frame, I'm struck by the history of the media playing up poverty and unemployment when a Republican is in office, and then turning around and being absolute cheerleaders for the economy when a Democrat is in office. We arguably have the same unemployment NOW that we had in the Great Depression, but you can't find a mainstream media person that will point out the real unemployment rate (measured the same way we measured it during the Great Depression.) And if you made people line up for soup instead of handing out EBT cards, we would have the massive soup-lines today that we had in the Great Depression. The real state of our economy today is hidden by a collusion of the government and the media.

  8. clairishe says:

    U.S. has also become a place about preserving the status quo. Huge youth unemployment (16%+) is a result of government protecting the status quo, preventing new industries from being created, and keeping young people out of the labor market by making the costs of hiring too high, too complex, too risky.

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