Fiat Money and freedom Are Incompatible.

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The Law by F. Bastiat:

What Has Government Done to Our Money by M. Rothbard:

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30 Responses

  1. alukea says:

    The end of all evil by Jeremy Locke

  2. starraider25 says:

    In other words, other people post gripes, I post solutions.

  3. starraider25 says:

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  4. People need to watch Endgame.

  5. Cash is most definitely trash.

  6. Ian Cassie says:


  7. ghostcar says:

    After buying emergency long term storage food, Buy just a little silver and gold with each paycheck to hedge your crypto, stocks, and the inevitable crash, that's likely to arrive any day. Good video here. Truth is spoken here.

  8. Roy Scown says:

    Fiat money originates with the people allowing their elected politicians to " borrow money on the credit of the United States".
    Put limits on that power. Every project, program, or service authorized by Congress should be separately funded by the issuance of securiries for each purpose which must be sold to the investing public. That's where the people cast their vote of approval through the market place. The market price for these securities will go up or down accordingly.

  9. R R says:

    I bet next crash FED will start buying bonds and also stocks. Just like in Japan.

  10. Framers of US Constitution knew this…money listed as silver and gold in US Constitution for a reason. Politicians have violated the law since President Wilson and Nixon put the final nail in the coffin. The new US Revolution is under way…Cryptos are not in the Constitution…take note. Cryptos are the new Swift system…Rich politicians will have their wealth seized by the People if they were corrupt

  11. Sami - says:

    EOS ranged between 4.96 – 5.07 last 24 hours between 6.46 – 5.07 the last 7 days

  12. Create a system, live like Kings, destroy the place, eliminate the majority and live happily ever after. BRILLIANT! Not many years from now only the chosen and robots remain. So may it secretly begin.

  13. Thanks for getting me back into the printed word

  14. Robert Cowan says:

    A credit card is essentially personal fiat money. Backed by debt.  Given value by agreement only.  The government has a credit card with no limit.

  15. J Ganasan says:

    Welcome to the nutty economics channel. Love this channel. Gives me a good laugh

  16. Amin Zin says:

    'Continental FIAT' is the danger, but keeping 'Islander FIAT' handy have its virtues.
    In Europe we have the FIAT of a little set of Islands called the UK (british pounds).
    FIATs of Sovereign Islands guarantee Liberty of Commerce/Intellect/Expression !

    PS : Such nations are INCENTIVIZED to diverge philosophicly from the Continent.
    Which then traduces into a set of legislations that are open to diverging opinions.
    You WILL get that controversial book/drug/artwork that you want, if you can PAY.

    In fact, even if they weren't, you could FORCE the UK authorities into Liberalism…
    How ?! By simply making sure to ALWAYS hold part of your portfolio in POUNDS.

    They'll be forced to become 'Commerce Fanatics' to avoid catastrophic inflation !

  17. What time do you wake up in the mornings?

  18. Pierre O says:

    Thanks for your work.

  19. Pierre O says:

    The most important thing is the difference between a people and a person.. we have been duped into acting as persons. Watch 'the birth certificate fraud' on YT. This is the basis for all the legalism and crookery going on.. how they get us to unknowingly consent.

  20. Z says:

    I thought capitalism and globalism are the culprits no?

  21. The Realist says:

    more pertinent and truthful information with 14 mins of Mario than a year of Laimstream media

  22. The Realist says:

    Good morning Mario….“The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.” w. patterson

  23. Good morning sir, thank you for the book information

  24. Hi Mario, Have you heard of Modern Monetary Theory? Would love to get your opinion on this economic theory.

  25. Bobby8270 says:

    You’re early this morning Mario. Thanks again for what you are doing for the general public. You just know the truth when you hear it. God bless.

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