Exit Bull, Enter Bear, Inverted Yield Curve, Economic Doom Signs Continue

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More signs emerge of economic doom and gloom as the yield curve has inverted, an occurrence that has preceded 7 of the previous recessions in the United States. The Fed has been raising rates much slower when compared to previous economic downturns, amidst criticism from many economists and verbal attacks from POTUS. Economic uncertainly has been showing up in the stock market, which has been showing enormous volatility and sell-offs.

At the same time, signs are also appearing that the global monetary system, that has been historically shielded under secrecy, is now under a magnifying glass as we see events unfold that could come back and point to the central blaming system as the culprit.

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23 Responses

  1. Ken Limon says:

    Let it drop

  2. Audrey Stephens says:

    Well, this has been planned since tRump became prez, cuz Russia sent a text to tRump calling for pump, pump, dump, not sure if anyone else caught that, but 2016 i was paying attention to what Putin was pushing for and tRump, its going to get worst, hence now it's about "arms race" it's been pre-planed! Yes, tRump wants to please Putin, all about the money and power!! Praying for Humanity

  3. Affinity says:

    There's no recession on the horizon, and when it does come it wont be like 2008 where the middle class and poor suffered the most. Wages will keep rising, real estate cost will go down, then back up once the skilled labor shortage really hits. The economy is in some serious flux. As an electrician who jus bought a house and have a baby on the way, I'm highly optimistic.

  4. kwg2005 says:

    I think lowering rates won't help people. It only encourages people to take on more debt.

  5. Bob T says:

    Thurs 12/6 Dow plunged 800, PPT came in to prop up market and started the algos buying to rescue market, DOW finishes day down only ~70. Markets are dead and rigged by the FED/PPT/Sovereign Wealth Fund to create illusion of stability. Too many people trying to get out – FED will buy entire market (like BOJ already has) to levitate this fake market. US Dollar will begin crashing in 2019 – despite paper suppressing Gold and Silver prices – as the entire world knows that the US is bankrupt and technically insolvent. They have only one recourse left after public confidence is lost: print print. Count on it.

  6. Hionconsumption says:

    Not expecting anything more than a slight correction in 2019 nothing major

  7. jim smith says:

    make sure you have plenty of 2 ply toilet paper,haiti has 1 roll that is in a guarded hut,they get 10,000 visitors a day.outside the hut is 20 tons of human fecal matter mixed with urine!!!!!lol

  8. Stack'n Silver says:

    Pull paper money from banks, buy tangible assets like land, real estate, gold, silver, etc

  9. Whistling Roast Beef Black Hole! says:

    If you have been paying attention to the Las Vegas news cycle. There has been a high drop in visitation YoY from Vegas Video Network channel reporting. Then the local news has been saying the economy will be good got the next 2 yrs, then they say 2019 home prices will be increases. Then it was just reported From Vegas Review Journal, prices have flattened out for home sale prices. I everyone is spewing BS, cause anyone with half a brain know the crash will devastate Vegas!

  10. E Squared says:

    You got the reason behind yield curve inversion backwards. MORE people are buying long-term bonds, not fewer. That is why their yields are going down relative to short-term bonds (more people wanting to buy is driving the price up …. thus driving the yield down). Investors are buying long-term bonds because they believe Treasury rates will be going down in the future, thus making their higher-rate bonds go up in value. It's the market telling us that they are foreseeing future fed action to lower interest rates.

  11. Michael Haga says:

    Guns and ammo my friends….. guns and ammo

  12. michael lennon says:

    Time to wake up . The market is collapsing and the yield is fake.
    Some one behind the curtain is playing with the numbers .
    Just cash out now . Before it all lost.
    You cant eat gold , you cant drink silver

  13. Jose Guzman says:

    That’s fucked up, why is that bull upside down ?? Lol

  14. Sam Rossi Songwriter says:

    Pay off your debts ASAP, start cooking your own food again, Stop those crazy addictions that are stealing your wealth and your mind. Work out your problems with your spouse instead of splitting and dividing half your wealth. Time for a little common sense here folks!!! More money doesn't solve the problem. Just my two cents.

  15. Obie antonio says:

    Bad time to be in debt, have children, get married or be in a relationship. Thank god I'm single. This economy is going to implode.

  16. Mike Brandenburg says:

    Trump made his fortune in real estate. If it goes down won't his wealth be in jeopardy and his reelection? I guess a president can declare bankruptcy and walk.

  17. freedom77 says:

    Does that mean current LONG POSTIONS are doomed?

  18. Mr. Anderson says:

    One more round of tax cuts for job creators and let’s boost military spending, MAGA 2020. Oh and tariffs , winning.

  19. romeomax101 says:

    Other intro music tbh. Awesome video!

  20. Carbonsnail says:

    I am a 53 yr old pensioned medically retired federal DOJ employee who is single with no children, without debt or mortgage. At this time I am considering relocating to Thailand if there is a major US economic downturn how strongly may it affect me? Thank you for your response.

  21. Peter Oitzinger says:

    It's on. Get ready. We've topped out and we're heading down.

  22. Shawn Lin says:

    inverted yield curve is a good recession leading indicator, basically bond market is expecting the fed to cut rate to 0 again.

  23. Flat Earther says:

    the more I hear people talk about the economy the more clearly i see what is happening. God says that What ever we speak will happen, will actually happen… the reason why we are speaking that the collapes is coming is because "We" the good hearted honest hard working are tired of seeing a corrupt government and feds taking advantage of everyone and cheating the system that we have to live by/ also te news media is another thing to blame for their opinionated take. But…. There is a double edge sword to this because we want to see justice brought back to the market like everyone else which will mean that a whole lot of Americans calling for the collapes are not prepared to deal with life once it actually happens. We should keep hope alive for the future of this nation and for REAL leadership for our government. We all are aware or should be that the end of the world will be with 1 leader and 1 currency worldwide. Dont panic! keep yourself out of debt and focus on living your best life doing what you love! its the only way to live. Dont live just to pay off all your stuff ! Have fun and start a business or create something and ADD value to our nations market 1 person or small business at a time… rant finished

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