End of the Fiat Money Delusion or Just a 3% Stock Market Correction?

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39 Responses

  1. Tesla 3 says:

    The debt will rise more, Don't worry about that.

  2. al karg says:

    Int rates going up; old news. "Doom & gloomers" preaching their shit, be it socialist, communist, and of course (to be fair) capitalist(s) too. Dont swallow it "lock, stock & barrel." Just "consider it" is best advice.

    Came to learn more about bonds, bond trading, issues, current events that effect bonds & bond traders. (Does anyone really know what a BANK/Banker thinks/believes/cares about?)
    Agree with information "overload" via so-called "experts" economists, & other titles, yet too many don't know/understand "things financial" so its a catch "22" so….we deal with it.

    KISS applies….if u can find it, wait it out. Fiat $$$ system? Welcome to humanity, which loves Fiat (can u say "hypocritical/double standard"?) systems. One Fiat will undoubtedly give in to another Fiat. The way of this world, the way of humanity. Bank on it. +maneco64

  3. TheFinnmacool says:

    Trump is doing what he's doing because there is a PLAN. Get ready friends.

  4. Doug Graves says:

    3 more hikes next year! Don't jump in yet!

  5. Canada2016 says:

    Gold is up $42cad in 2 days.

  6. DW says:

    What happened to the Plunge Protection Team? Did they fall asleep or did it just get. Away from them?

  7. LIX 59 says:

    I'm in hopes of the Dow dropping 2-3,000 today, now down 263 at 10:35am CST

  8. Thomas Guide says:

    The one day percentage drops are now capped at 10%, a 22% drop in one day will never happen again. As soon as the market crashes by 10% they halt trading and close the market. That's not to say a 22% drop can't happen, it just means it won't happen in a single day. It will happen over the course of a few days or weeks.

  9. avatareyes1 says:

    "they dont really produce anything beneficial to society … what they do is shuffle paper around for profit"

  10. brian jones says:

    Please be the end of Fiat. I'm ready for the dollar to eventually collapse and have the money go into cryptos and precious metals. Silver and Gold have been manipulated for far too long.

  11. Jay M says:

    The average investor has to wait 3 business days to re-invest stock proceeds.
    How long do institutional investors have to wait to reinvest?

  12. Savio Toronto says:

    it's always a good day with the Canada pillow out

  13. Brits in Crete says:

    So what do you expect to happen to the Hong Kong Stock Market?

  14. Sonix711 says:

    I use "Bandicam" to record on Windows – it's not free, but it's only like £20ish – its pretty awesome – records webcam video, multiple audio inputs, area or full screen capture, and gaming capture.. !!! Might help someone… 🙂

  15. Sonix711 says:

    Wicked vid Mario – Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂

  16. MrMahuike says:

    i sold all my coconuts and moved to Philippines, where i am content, but not happy. 10 years now…the price is right..the people happy, but poor…so no point in starting a shop or little business…no one has any money…i get my SS from USA..its enough…i don't want anything anyway..the medical is bad, the education illiterate…but…so it is…i never would have chosen this for end of life, but, i have a nice little house i own…small village on the side of a volcano, 7 K above the CHina Sea…the weather is perfect always…nothing to buy but returns to Walmart, made in china..junk, plastic..everything is poorest quality..still…its a place to be..no crime, far far away from the government, police, murders they live by, enjoy for entertainment…got cable, the web, electric, etc all for $70 a month…

  17. RICK H says:

    Trump probably wanted this to happen so he scolded powell..his bankster pals own plenty of fangs and can pour it on closer to midterms buying more..he could lose another 400 point loss today..flat on friday and golfing this weekend..They can run the fangs from the cellar..Thats where Trump keeps them. Good day for gold.

  18. Roy Scown says:

    Old Abe said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Looks like all of those who could be fooled have been fooled, and supply is gone?

  19. RICK H says:

    So who exactly is going to manscape these paper package peddlers? Might I suggest Edward Scissor Hands or Michael J Fox?

  20. kathleen smith says:

    We do not live in a capitalistic economy, which is based on saving and investing — WE do not have this, for the last 35 years we have has a debt based economy where all growth came not from acutally doing something but just by creating money out of nothing and borrowing. THAT is not growth that is a PONZI SCHEME>

  21. C Joe says:

    Plunge protection team in action NOW. Do u really think Trump will allow markets to crash in his watch?

  22. Babu Ma says:

    This is only le hors-d'oeuvre, le plat principal is coming, 3000 points or more in a single day dive are coming in less than 2 weeks, November will see shocking events that will match with these quantum falls in markets. End the Fed.

  23. Forestman says:

    Last 12 months / 253 trading days, US stocks are beating gold by 19%

    Goldbugs and people ruled by emotions will stay poor

  24. O C Sure says:

    Fiat Money is a contradiction and another example of Austrian Economics' great whirlpool where false terms go to tread water.

  25. Agartha Asgard[HODL] says:

    Fiat money is not going to die
    Fiat is going to be digitalized

  26. Deez Nutz says:

    You look like you're fighting a hard turd in your thumbnail Mario. Joking lol. But on a more serious note, I smell a very dangerous false flag building as an excuse to go to war in a big way. I'm thinking another attack by Israel blamed on Iran or Venezuela. Perhaps North Korea.

  27. OnlyMyPOV says:

    Profit taking.

  28. News For All says:

    Mario, I think Trump and the White Hats are going to crash the system so the new system can be set into place. Things are moving behind the scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1jqvhpxHng

  29. 123 456 says:

    I'm a little turned off every time you bash trump

  30. Kevin Evans says:

    Not ivy, Strangler Fig !

  31. JAMES M says:


  32. JAMES M says:

    THE FAREWELL TOUR..great interview with Chris Hedges

  33. Richard MacCorkindale says:

    gona be a interesting day to watch

  34. derekzan says:

    Well it is 11:00 pm Thursday NZ time and another great pod cast from the Maestro, cheers from New Zealand. ..

  35. Dennis D'Menace says:

    I think Trump is saying that the Fed is raising rates too fast.

  36. DH media says:

    Im up early watching. 5:53am from florida

  37. Terry Youthought says:

    Thanks for the info, do you think some of the big money will move into crypto?

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