Economics 421/521 – Econometrics – Winter 2011 – Lecture 2 (HD)

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Economics 421/521 – Econometrics – Winter 2011 – Lecture 2 (HD)

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20 Responses

  1. Sjlee lee says:

    Individual t test and joint f test explained nicely at 1:02:00

  2. Yu Na Lee says:

    He mentioned that there is RSS video on hiw twitter or something? does anyone know if there is one on Youtube as well?

  3. Yu Na Lee says:

    I overally like the lecture, and I understand the video is already produced long time ago, so this feedback wouldn't matter as much, but I wish he went over each example till the end up to the point where we get answer, so that we can fully make sure that we understood how to solve the problem.

  4. Cyna C says:

    Thank you so much professor! you are the hero!

  5. woooly sabertooth says:

    hi professor, thank you for your video . do you also have solved questions for practice.Your help would be highly useful for lost students like us. thank you again .

  6. Muyuan NIU says:

    34:07 if N=25 df=23, the critical value is 2.069

  7. BWM says:

    I know I'm 6 years late and go to a different university, but I promise to never use these as a substitute for your lectures, Dr. Thoma!

  8. Luiz Fiorentini says:

    00:0006:20 – General info for the classes
    06:2013:30 – Gauss Markov assumptions (cont.)
    13:3035:10 – Introduction to classical Hypothesis testing + examples (t-statistics)
    35:10-75:00 – Joint Hypothesis testing + examples (F-statistics)

  9. Benny Kabwela says:

    This is just fantastic Prof… I have loved how you have delt with the assumptions of OLS. You add reality to them!

  10. Jakob Wells says:

    Thank you!

  11. Rute V says:

    Professor, you are the hero we deserve

  12. bella6044 says:

    Really great professor

  13. Arifur Rahman Nayon says:


  14. Muhammad Zhafran Bahaman says:

    You're an awesome lecturer. How I wish you are my Econometric's professor!

  15. Warllen Gonzaga says:

    Obrigado. Abraços do Brasil

  16. Nam Hoang says:

    you make me do not want to go to the lecture anymore . thank you

  17. 彭兰岚 says:

    Thanks you, and the lecture is so great!

  18. kritin chowdhry says:

    Really good explanation..keep going

  19. Bushra Zeeshan says:

    amazing lecture…good help

  20. merc340sr says:

    Nice to see a prof who likes teaching! Most universities emphasize research at the expense of teaching because research is what gets the funding. Too bad.Teaching is a very precious commodity! Can make the difference between pass and failure. Training good practioners is also very important.

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