Economic Collapse News – Dow Jones Plummets Stock Market In Freefall! This is only the Beginning

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Economic collapse news, Dow Jones Plummets a Stock Market sell-off has begun. With the Dow down over 700 points so far there is no telling where this might end. Experts have been warning about the danger of raising interest rates into a slowing economy. Now it is time to face the music.

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31 Responses

  1. eric hansen says:

    Is it? I mean is it? Just fuck off man, lmao

  2. Caroline Kuo says:

    DOW recovered the next day dec 6

  3. Mr. Louis says:

    Him is not a hymn it is a her oh, and it's the daughter of the founder and owner. That is just about as bad as arresting Bill Gates son in China.

  4. Daniel OBrein says:

    they are trying to find out what sucker is buying the stock —hint the feds—rigged market

  5. Daniel OBrein says:

    you got it right James

  6. Daniel OBrein says:

    yes they did —they are saying the fed has 21 trillion in hidden money—-at least they are providing a buyer for the peasant—-the fed will own the market or they already own all the market —get wise

  7. Daniel OBrein says:

    you are forgetting the plunge protection program –they pumped in a trillion today —get wise —rigged market

  8. Brandon Langlie says:

    Buy bitcoin and xrp. Blockchain technology is the future

  9. Rich Doh54 says:

    Dont build the wall just yet. There will be a mass migration to the south.

  10. Rich Doh54 says:

    We are all at fault for buying cheap Chinese made crap from Walmart.
    All the people that went nuts buying TV's and junk from Walmart on black Friday will wish they bought food instead.

  11. elfofcourage says:

    And we should thank Trump for exposing this by tricking the Federal Reserve.

  12. Demetrius Lolos says:

    The recession of 2008 never recovered and people have been holding up until now. The market is dropping cause people aren't buying. The video game industry is having a slump, the new auto sales industry is slumping, the everything industry is slumping. We're at the first step towards needing a UBI, because the industry is going to automate like crazy. I'm surprised us Americans don't have pharmacy vending machines like the Europeans do. Waymo started to offer self driving taxi's with people sitting in the drivers seat.

  13. T Stelle says:

    Off with the banksters heads !

  14. Jim Furr says:

    A Example Of A Fear Monger.
    High pitch, all negative continuous loud fast talking.
    Just like the old timers, hope in GOD alone, not economy
    or government, or anything else but GOD.
    Jesus Saves.

  15. G Scott says:

    Same ish happened the night when Trump was elected. 700 up then 700 down. If you can't see it's all an illusion than you're blind as Stevie Wonder. Next we aren't going into recession I bet you one million dollars. That's how confident I am. Stop the fear tactics ppl like you make folks pull out and make it crash. And last those who has the most weapons will never go broke facts!!!!

  16. bev lower says:

    "Santa can't remember where he parked his sled" (Bix Weir) BUT, CALM DOWN! Mrs. Clause found his sled & is treating his hang-over, so, there is still HOPE for a Christmas rally. I'm not saying it will happen-Grinch is still in the picture-but, we can HOPE!

  17. Observing Humanity says:

    Fear porn.

  18. 1142 Eat my Ass says:

    Believe all this when I see it.

  19. Whale Dog says:

    I'm beginning to think that this point drop and the yield curve inversion of the 5 and 2 year bonds are a controlled stunt/distraction, Just like G Bush state funeral. A distraction from promised Dec 5 prosecutions. They just need to distract and fill the media cycle till the end of the year. And then all these globalists go on Holiday.

  20. Richard Garnache says:

    The Nasdak ended UP ! ….. LOL The Dow down 79 ! lol Paranoid nonsense once again. The CFO was a Woman not a Man dipstick. An inverted Yield curve ALSO signals new highs in the market before the recession. Do some more homework Mr Paranoid wacko. You are confusing stock markets with the economy. Their is no way out … YOU KNOW OF …. Because you are an uneducated cherry picking wacko.

  21. Larry Foster says:

    Socialism is collapasing

  22. Ian Cassie says:

    Not a clue what to do

  23. Rtg Oxlv says:

    But thrump says America is great again? We are in a very good economy is he lying?

  24. Rtg Oxlv says:

    US gobermentt is gonna throw couple billions into market to keep marke stable

  25. uawsux says:

    Ford laying off 25,000 people Starbucks closing stores Wells Fargo laying off people

  26. Michael Kranyak says:

    Bull markets do not last forever we are 3 years past due for a recession. Big deal. Both the Fed and US house holds must cut spending, save more spend less. Western Europe and Japan are in recession we are next there is nothing the White House do. The Federal reserve can slow hiking. Relax go with the flow.

  27. Real Deal says:

    If the dollar fails Gold and Silver won’t save you. Having ample supplies when shit hits the fan will. Stock up on perishable foods, goods for barter and weapons to protect yourself. God bless

  28. whydotheheathensrage says:

    The PERMA-BULL lives, they rescued it from the abyss (again) LOL! what a come back! buy buy buy!1 There is only one lever in this fake 10 year bull market, it's colored green and labeled UP

  29. proteus 1 says:

    The awake in the know knew this correction would come, it's going to get rough, P/E ratios on crap stocks are extreme and that's an under statement, no we're
    not heading for a recession, it's more like depression 2, this rigged market for last 8 years was depression 1. The money printing to the moon made this fake market, bubble starting to burst, worst then 29 into 30s.

  30. Donald Thom says:

    it was only 2418.64 on the close 1 year to the date,looks like pump and dump going on .

  31. michael lennon says:

    Wake up . Manipulation of the market . The numbers are fake . They want you to think everything is fine . The fact is we are broke . And your money has no value. We are working for lies and fake money.
    Wake up

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