Dubbed Inflation Comic: Pumping for Shits and Giggles

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Popping: Yes.

Vaughn – Trina
Danni – Monstrassa

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12 Responses

  1. Dj Eisenberger says:

    Please do more of these lol

  2. City Jamesman says:

    2:40 FATALITY

  3. youtubefan 101 says:

    thought you could hold all that air a NOT!

  4. Seanster 2.5 says:

    Wonderful work
    Another amazing tale

  5. 박승현 says:

    Now her turn please

  6. kj Entertainment says:

    From body inflation.org

  7. Jack Barnes says:

    I love your comic reads.

  8. Batman 2008 says:


  9. nina pedersen says:

    plzz someone come do that to me :O

  10. Ventrix The Angry Little Nep Nep says:


  11. wolf lord says:

    Best reason to inflate ever! Great work all around as always. Fantastic work from everyone!

  12. TheEvilEd123 says:

    A classic comic 🙂

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