Dubbed Inflation Comic: A SWELL Surprise (by TheKairii27)

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Jericha + Mattie – Trina
Devin – Immunetoshame (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2cLB-8PzRa5IUHeAu9Gvg)

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23 Responses

  1. Rhys Barker says:

    (NICE ONE)

  2. Rhys Barker says:

    O_O wow just wow (this is a work of art)

  3. miakiyui says:


    F l o a t e d

  4. SuperMario Fan65 says:


  5. Boruto Uzumaki says:

    man i liked it but i would have liked it better if there was popping

  6. Claudia Mena says:

    Well f***

  7. justineatsyourfood says:

    More like this show the actual comic

  8. Jesse Little says:

    this is the tits! Hey man hows it hanging

  9. SuperMario Fan65 says:


  10. Robot boy and diesel busters Rules est 2016 2! says:

    I will die for this

  11. Tachi Ozomaki says:

    You're stupid and normal people do not want your fucking fetishes all over our goddamn recommended feed fuck you

  12. Test-128 YER BOI says:

    You know what, this isn't horrible. The voice acting is decent and it looks well drawn. So it gets a pass.

  13. City Jamesman says:

    Can you do "doki doki expansion club" and please do all 10 pages and well i'm sorry for what i did too you and also im sorry for spamming…

  14. SurayaGamersLove Cutie says:

    who is the boys voice/

  15. Xiaomi_ black says:

    I have seen things THINGS THAT CANNOT BE UNSEEN

  16. Mariokirby says:

    The voice actors were surprisingly really good

  17. Loleegee says:

    I’d like to help voice some comics

  18. NAM Astay says:

    Can you guys do “Breakfast with Sister”

  19. kj Entertainment says:


  20. ryancrazyrhino says:


    B L O A T E D

  21. Seanster 2.5 says:

    Bravo, bravo.
    This was so amazing and really cool too.
    This was the best one yet.
    Keep it up and good luck to you and the actors

  22. wolf lord says:

    The content keeps on rolling in(pun intended) lets keep it going!

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