Conspiracy Theory: Phil DeFranco is secretly torturing his employees | RR Podcast

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30 Responses

  1. You are sooo right joe !

  2. Remus0387 says:

    With Alex Jones censored on most forms of social content online, who can take up the mantle of speaking truth to power. Not Paul Joseph Watson or the chick talking about Venezuela eating rats but Joe Nation, whose indepth understanding of the real world is sorely needed.

    Exposing Philip Defranco's Melk conspiracy depriving his editors of dairy to go along with their Friday Donuts to reinforce his control over them. As well as blowing the lid on Breyer's scheme to sell their Ice Cream with "10%" more Snickers but there are extra snickers and it being sold at the same prices but with an inferior products.

    It's amazing seeing Joe Nation break this story on Rogue Rocket uncovering this centuries old cover up. Keep digging for the truth Joe, your our beacon of truth now.

  3. NO NO NO NO NO NO, NO! My parents would touch fingers as way of showing affection, almost to the level of making out affection, in front of the children to be "PC" and it was disgusting. Please for the love of god never do that huddle again.

  4. DAM25 says:

    I KNEW once Joe got on this podcast it was going to be hilarious!!!

  5. I was certain that Joe would mention "precum"!

  6. McDonald's does that burgers used be girthy. But not anymore

  7. A S says:

    Joe shouldn’t be allowed on a podcast. He is a great talker but all of his thoughts and ideas are sooooo dumb. Besides the craft beer, that was dope.

  8. Joe I completely understood you! (I also explain in circles though)

  9. Steven Yaunk says:

    This is great, more of this please.

  10. karen cashio says:

    I laughed so hard I almost peed

  11. Viin Rula says:

    Brian looks so tired, even his bags under his eyes have bags.

  12. You had me at "heroine in my butt"

    <3 tewt toot

  13. Dave Patiño says:

    Brian at the end: I wanted to talk about my conspiracies too sad face

  14. Alex Heaton says:

    Say "melk" again Joe.. I dare you!

  15. Lukaaz says:

    Melk is Dutch for Milk so that's weird

  16. Sky Smith says:

    The Joe Nation Podcast is more like it. Haha

  17. Teri Starr says:

    Maybe you should get Melk on Wednesday too. Should I be concerned that Joe an turn SO red in SO short a time? This might be a coronary issue.

  18. Lol, that was amazing xD

  19. Juliee V says:

    This was amazing!! It genuinely made me laugh from start to finish

  20. Maybe with the ice cream it's not that it's 10% more Snickers than the Snickers edition. But it's normal icecream with 10% more Snickers. Meaning that it's 10% Snickers

  21. I think Joe should host the podcast. JNE (The Joe Nation Experience)

  22. I feel like Joe rigged the spinner for this particular episode. And maybe Joe ought to explain his conspiracy theories to Brian so Brian can articulate them in less than 7 minutes and 11 seconds. And what the hell Joe? No precum conspiracy theory?

  23. Can we make the editing a bit more subtle. Can we also have the soundboard live in the hands of someone responsible and quiet like maybe Zack or I don't know you guys know who's responsible, Briana?!

  24. Iono Joe… dont know if it's because the topic was conspiracies and you didnt talk about pre-cum or the fact that your thoughts were too…how do I put it nicely cuz I love ya…stupid? I just dont know if you fit in this topic (cant say podcast cuz I'm gonna watch the full one after this comment)

  25. OAX says:

    10% m ore snickers than no snickers… but 90% less snickers than regular w/ snickers.

  26. Maybe it's 10% more ice cream, because they replaced a lot of the Snickers with ice cream. 10% more ice cream, 50% less Snickers.

  27. Murdock723 says:

    More Joe. Less of the other 3 people.

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