Brexit: all you need to know about the meaningful vote

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The FT looks at the various scenarios that could play out after MPs vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, from the fall of the government to a second referendum

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13 Responses

  1. Malloc says:

    The 1%, elite, call them whatever you like (scum) are used to, and have grown fat on, cheap unskilled labor from the EU. This suppresses wage growth and strains social services which you pay for, they don't care, their greed is boundless. May's plan is a thinly disguised attempt to keep their gravy train rolling. We must reject it and refuse their point of view. Don't listen to the likes of Carny (Goldman Sachs), Hammond, Blair (criminal), Le Guarde (convicted thief). Ignore BBC, ITV, (perverts) C4, Sky, all msn outlets, newspapers, Radio, are controlled by this 1% with their fake news, panel shows (paid actors). Reject it all.

  2. Lucky says:

    Stop Brexit!

  3. Pauls Place says:

    Anyone know what the music is?

  4. Aussie Titan says:

    UK Government and Elite: Were going to have a second referendum so you make the correct choice. Don't worry, you people would never get Brexit anyway. There's too much money for us elites to lose. Thats why we made it so hard to leave in the first place. Once we win the second referendum we can go back to the way things were, and never resolve the issues that drove us to this point in the first place. Because whats good for you and not good for us is not within your interest.

  5. Space says:

    The propaganda from the media is now in full force to overturn Brexit, such a shame. These kind of media are truly the enemy of the people.

  6. Based Oda says:

    Brexitoth, The Lovecraftian nightmare that sends the country and parliament into a mad haze…

  7. King Catto says:

    Why Britain. Why is Britain the one falling apart. Literally out of anywhere it had to the place I live??

  8. chrismne92 says:

    Love the music in this video :'')

  9. ChristianIce says:

    What part of "This is the only deal on the table" you can't understand?
    Junker and Barnier repeated that several times in a row, like you do when you talk with children, still…

  10. Rick says:

    In 2016 the electorate were sold the benefits of every kind of brexit. Now, 2 years later Brexit has crystallized up to May's deal. There is nothing else, no-deal brexit is an absurdity and the EU wont negotiate anything else.

    So May's Deal is Brexit.

    Remainers never wanted Brexit.
    Brexiteers now don't want Brexit as it's turning out.

    The Way forward seems pretty obvious to me.

  11. Andrew Chan says:

    Assuming 2nd referendum is gonna happen. A) If the result is "Leave the EU", the government is wasting time+money and challenging Democracy. B) If the result is "Remain in the EU", this weird "democracy" happens due to "no democracy" in the first place. You can say people have realized they made a mistake and changed their mind to vote for remain, and the government sees that and give them a second chance. But this will be the biggest joke in history !!!! So, in life there are things that you only got 1 chance, even if you regret it after!! I voted for remain, we lost, and I am just waiting for NO-Deal to come and move on ~

  12. ChemicalFrankie says:

    A 2nd referendum would basically trash democracy in UK. I am not saying it is not possibile, I am saying it would create a deadly precedent + if I woted leave in teh 1st one I would very very very pissed off.

  13. N GP says:

    As if this is all you need to know !! 50:50 really ?!! Really really

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