Bitcoin Holds While Stocks Crater! VTC 51% Attack? Dash Future Of Payments? ZEN Giveaway! ErisX!

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Bitcoin Holds While Stocks Crater! VTC 51% Attack? Dash Future Of Payments? ZEN Giveaway! ErisX! Rapids Mainnet Launch December 15th! Crypto Technical Analysis and Crypto News!

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25 Responses

  1. Learn Crypto / Wyckoff SMI says:

    Smash the Like and Subscribe Button. Then leave a comment with your $ZEN Address for a chance to win! Check Out: Cryptocurrency and Wyckoff Trading Course or the Crypto Beginner Course at !!! Know someone interested in Cryptos or learning how to trade? Well become an affiliate and earn $30 – $50 per referral. That's a whole lot of Crypto to add to those bags!

  2. Hunter Hall says:

    Show me the ZEN Baby zncvGSPgDWpQye6QQiJTbspZyV7jnFHHzzK

  3. Chris K9 says:

    Here it is !!!!! Fill my bag! znk3szSye4VNNdnuHQ9uRKqjnRYtRbNXeWi

  4. Karoli Evans says:

    Thank You Todd Sir, Thank You Nick Sir. zndoYLgmqPvAkqhuzt8XSBZWQcBSuK2tD28

  5. Crypto Mom says:


  6. MrLodak says:

    Best show out there! znk3NHwL1kV5SKowGVjqKX6AtCyYynk5irK

  7. Maverick Gold says:

    Lemme win that Zen again!

  8. English Chit Chat says:

    Thanks as always. zndJuXSd4hRDLoLnNrreRBD2WaJphRmjJ8Z

  9. Lammie_J says:

    Someone has twice the odds of winning.


  10. Rob Joseph says:

    znbEZAybFmj6G9rDqSZNbSX4Yf5ZXzaT8T8 great show!

  11. Joel Calaway says:

    znb3AT3VgTDy8Pn99cyiKWY4fvS5haWyjDN let me get that Zen bag so I can triple that shit. Oh and question what do you guys think about bitcoin hex's market potential.

  12. Kevin M says:

    Show me the zen znaDsVhrRg9hua4eNuuRnPAJN4r6TFwSNaK

  13. Rick hansu says:

    Zen me zncmToJciv3po6cxfoctAeCh6XwsdSPXGyK

  14. zimmyjim says:

    znb8U2cBkzu54jHYUX4A6VoEr6i9uoveVyg the only crypto show worth watching! cheers!

  15. REI Group says:

    zng3iFS4QjyA7vLz51M3­BSLc5XmCn9zw8Jn thanks great show

  16. Joshua Romportl says:

    Why does IOHK work on ZEN, ETC, & ADA? znjTkv88acF7rSDFmJHYy6BPc8jxDGeoRBh

  17. Rags2Riches Crypto says:

    Bullrun on the Horizen? znjTkv88acF7rSDFmJHYy6BPc8jxDGeoRBh

  18. Think Outside the Blox says:


  19. Josh Romportl says:

    One of these days I'm gonna win some ZEN! znjTkv88acF7rSDFmJHYy6BPc8jxDGeoRBh

  20. wogstralien cryptohoarder says:

    znoBynm4S6WhNoQnLu2Y45akW5iZ9Zi4PT3 yem8

  21. nathaniel Short says:

    thanks ZEN znohQ5Hsgxy4H7P5RNDYVPByzzGscUDd43s

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  22. John Roberts says:

    I see de zen in my horizen znhPo92n6wKyz5Kx1gXKwg8jveXij9eurtP
    Thanks as always.

  23. Joshua Burman says:

    Close to setting up another 1080ti rig with Ebay discounts! znfAGdzpZdofhmuVWi9nMBP4NMxEchMZwpe

  24. komersreal says:

    My Hori #ZEN address: znkTY2VL8swMsHPqZrt4JZAer7uwNJcUXW4

    I wish good luck to everyone including me.

  25. Nauman Khawaja says:


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