Big Money Republican Donors Fleeing The Party Weeks Before Midterms | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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We are 50 days away from midterms and some of the GOP’s biggest donors are fleeing the party. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down whether or not it is too late to swing the party. Weighing in: GOP Strategist Evan Siegfried, Sirius XM Progress radio host Mark Thompson and the U.S. Editor of Financial Times Alphaville Brendan Greeley.
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Big Money Republican Donors Fleeing The Party Weeks Before Midterms | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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40 Responses

  1. John Kim says:

    Just get rid of the electoral college system <- corrupt and go with popular vote <- peoples vote

  2. South Croy says:

    The man is genuinely intelligent,not only rich.

  3. Brian Devlin says:

    Of course they're abandoning the GOP. They already got their greed-ridden tax cut. Now they need to back those who will help them keep it. No surprises there.

  4. “Common decency” pretty much sums it up right

  5. Pksoze says:

    Bloomberg is a pro corporate and pro wall street billionaire who is against guns and wants a nanny state. This man would appeal to neither the Republican nor the Democrat's base. It's a waste of time to consider him.

  6. Roli b says:

    Finally these people have some decensie tho stop funding these greedy lying racist republicans!!!!.

  7. Woody Benson says:

    Now the donors will give money to Democrats who act like Republicans. No more Democratic Party, girls and boys, or rather in name only.

  8. So now he is free to corrupt desperate democrats.
    Time to overturn the Supreme Court decision on unlimited secret money.

  9. What ur seeing is Trump creating his own NEW Republican Party! The ESTABLISHMENT is done!

  10. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that joe soap public go out and vote. It is votes that get you elected not money. Let him throw money at the Dems it’s his to lose. Red Tsunami coming 2020. Trump is the Man Second term on its way. Just think of all that lovely money he is throwing away …..on a lost cause. Red Tsunami Vs Blue damp squid. ….No contest.

  11. Doc Lewis says:

    The pretender was NEVER a business "leader". He was a business "big mouth". All air NO substance. Bloomberg is a different type of business leader…a real one…not a "reality television" one.

  12. Now they're buying the other side!

  13. Me too. I was republican with my first vote for Reagan. But Bush 2 drove the economy into the ground and the blatant racism against Obama combined with a do nothing congress who would rather destroy America than try to help a black president. I'm still conservative, but I will never vote for Trump or any one who supports him and his insane, traitorous ideas.

  14. Cash Money says:

    I have voted Republican for over 40 years, until 2016. What Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party is a disgrace. I consider myself an independent moderate now

  15. Speaking of pragmatism, you know what doesn’t help the average American? Tax cuts for the rich. Anyone who supports such policies isn’t pragmatic; he’s a thief.

  16. So now they are going to corrupt the Dems too?

  17. The GOP is dying off, and the big-money donors are trying to complete their takeover of the Democratic Party before the progressives do. Ain’t gonna happen, though.

  18. Avo D says:

    vagas99 How About Democratic Enthusiasm Or Obama Surge Turnout

  19. ataboy42 H says:

    Why should'nt just help the Democrats and drain the TRUMP
    Out of office, that is……

  20. Gamer Plus1 says:

    Don't believe anything JUST Go VOTE

  21. BERNIEO4 says:

    Democracy will never work when the wealthy are pulling the strings
    " Poverty exists not because we can not feed the poor But because we can not satisfy the rich" !

  22. live big says:

    It's hard not to turn to the truth

  23. hypnostream says:

    When you drain swamps the ppl who bring water there stop coming ! Enjoy the midterms democrats lol

  24. hypnostream says:

    Lol yerrrrrrr if you believe this bs you are a moron the republican party has enough for 2 campaign,s already how much the dems raised?

  25. An unusual fresh look at aspects of politics which have been sadly neglected in favour of endless and fruitless tweet=analysis.

  26. Bob says:

    Stephanie Ruhle makes this so fun and exciting to watch even though I fit in more with the secular talk, tyt crowd

  27. Lincoln Paul says:

    NS , yes but they have to vote

  28. nicosogrecos says:

    haha the desperation every week this will bring him down.In your wildest dreams maybe.

  29. Jon dow says:

    Ancalagon the Black

  30. …Trump is not a business man, he's a thief!

  31. Richy One says:

    Putin is winning. trump give him all he wanted, destroy American credibility,,

  32. Arnold Davis says:

    Smart to switch to democratic party get out and vote in November democratic stop Trump's swamp

  33. Sumumma Bish says:

    Yeah but these wealthy EX republikkklan donors have already Fk'd America by being part of trumps victory. Now he's destroying our country and now they want to join the left? It's SICKENING…

  34. 1joecv says:

    This is Crap…Trump is moving forward…He never took any money …owes no one…owned by no with it

  35. hofifut says:

    Stephanie Ruhle is mighty wet and turned on with Bloomberg's $billions net worth

  36. Sefcak James says:

    Even more evidence that there will be a gigantic blue surge in November of historical proportion.

  37. naze thcee says:

    it's MSNBC so it must be true /s

  38. Bul_fuc_ingsh_tfak_news. You are committing treason. When you grew up as little he she's, did you dream of this day? This day that you will be convicted of treason, sentenced to death, forever shamed and quickly forgotten? If that is the dream you wanted to live, you're living it large.

  39. kirkplane says:

    It's OK for him to switch because the Ohio Blue will need his tax money in the state. Business is key!

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