Best movies to watch when you’re bored

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This are some of the best movies to watch when you’re bored.
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45 Responses

  1. Auzy says:

    I watched I am legend when I was bored, now I'm just depressed : (

  2. Diyaa Pandey says:

    The Dark Knight <3

  3. Dany Navarro says:


  4. amir divanbeigi says:

    wolf of wall street was very good movie i see it 3 time and every time i get a lot energy of that

  5. Alexander DaGreat says:

    How deep do you want this to go?

    How deep is hell?

    Favorite lines for me.

  6. Sumit Singal Shanks says:

    When you are bored watch gintama anime

  7. Yoshiki G says:

    "Make the bang-boom" +_=

  8. GUINEA PIG ARMY says:

    De bang bom

  9. jatinder singh waraich says:

    Great list, only 'the great getsby' left to watch.
    But missed a number of interesting movies.

  10. Hamza Polat says:

    that moment when you watched all the films šŸ™

  11. Jason Boggs says:

    What the…???? Did a 7-year old pick this list??????

  12. Tsukai 12 says:

    Whats is movie from the pic at start? The one with blonde. Thanks.

  13. Roni _82 says:

    when you are boring, only need to open Boxxy Software, on your TV Try it šŸ˜‰

  14. Hater says:

    Good Movies šŸ™‚

  15. Shahid Sarwar says:

    All movies really nice…..

  16. bipin subedi says:


  17. Sahil Shekhar says:

    Wolf of Wall Street is the best..period.

  18. Suraj Yadav says:

    Please leave movie least in description

  19. Sam Louise says:

    the baby in twilight yung teen sa 2nd movie

  20. ryan delehanty says:

    clock work orang

  21. Alex Phontville says:

    Of course they had no problem finding middle eastern actors for the bad guy roles, but HAD to cast a white guy in the main

  22. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    I'm sorry but after the first suggestion of movie…..I must leave.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anurag Shukla says:

    What's the name of that background song in the trailer of great Gatsby?

  25. Alissar Ali dib says:

    Love love loveee leo !!

  26. Alissar Ali dib says:

    What if iv'e watched all of these movies damnnn ! šŸ™

  27. Sunflower Plants Vs Zombies says:

    How dare you forget boss baby but hell if i get a baby than it would die because i have a naughty kitten

  28. Magma :P says:

    You dont mess with zohan ive seen it like 3 years ago

  29. ALi Zaman says:

    Fuck you goddamit ….Hezbullah is not a terrorist

  30. Elliott Murray says:

    Warning for exact seek net parental greatest plate suggestion expense cap

  31. Jamie 1872 says:

    Trainspotting should be here

  32. K1 Fighter 1988 says:

    long live Kurds and Kurdish fighters YPG SDF in north east syria Peshmerga in north west iraq and PKK PYD in south east turkey. from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border living in Europe here.

  33. huangzhinxi says:

    They removed interstellar in netflix booo

  34. 7yawy says:

    Thanks dud

  35. Pavel Zhelezov says:

    Interstellar is very good movie.

  36. Kenny R says:

    Ill just watch this when i'm bored.

  37. MrDemon3434 says:

    How can a Israeli can be counter terrorist when they are the terrorists?

  38. FUTKieran says:

    Throw Thor Ragnarok on here as well.

  39. prateek kumar says:

    Watch this first:

  40. ZBR 2 says:

    Fuck isreal

  41. mahmudul hassan says:

    So nasty !!!

  42. ahiskastl1 says:

    The Joker ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

  43. Joe Wolf says:

    The person who made this list must be a Dicaprio fan

  44. Ki st says:

    Iā€™m just gonna watch deadpool again

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