BANK OF UGANDA PROBE: Bagyenda expected to honour summons or face arrest

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7 Responses

  1. Julius PALAASI says:

    Mr. Chairman this man is just wasting our tym and our money. Put these pipo in prison for their life.


    everything in this world has its time so time has come for them to vomit

  3. Adrian Lukyamuzi says:

    There is nothing to listen all are rubish ,they should be arrested immediately .and they are not fit to work in responsible places .

  4. jagwe moses says:

    Cornering down on the mafia cocus..

  5. Henry Welishe says:

    those are thieves killing our country, why is she running and fearing if was doing a right thg.

  6. Ondoma Bosco says:

    She should be arrested soon

  7. Katushabe Immaculate says:

    Diet her face arrest who does she think she is watching Live from KSA

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