#AskNugget S01E02 – Exchange Comparison, Arbitrage Trading, Funfair Update & More!

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#AskNugget S01E02 – Cryptocurrency exchange comparison, arbitrage trading strategy, Funfair update, opinion on mass adoption through retail point of sale infrastructure & insight into Nugget’s News team.

In tonights episode, Alex answers the following questions:

0:17 Which exchange is the best to Sell and Buy Crypto with Fiat and minimum fees?

4:38 What’s your updated predictions on funfair end of year price?

6:38 Do you think getting retailers set up with crypto point of sale infrastructure is a legitimate way to drive/contribute to adoption?

8:45 In a social setting, who in your team is the most entertaining?

10:00 Please discuss arbitrage. How to best take advantage of it. Is it legal? Do you recommend it? Do you do arbitrage? Thanks!

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30 Responses

  1. Thanks for tuning into the second episode of the #AskNugget show! If you have a question you want answered, comment below or tweet us using the #AskNugget. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. Question for your next episode – what effect do you think the next financial crisis will have on the crypto market? With all these on ramps and progression in legislation will investors recognise crypto as a different asset class they can hedge into or do you feel generally they are still not comfortable with investing in crypto?

  3. Have you ever considered coming to Cairns for a free meet up ?

  4. Mark Wags says:

    Yeah "funny guy's" the nugget team. When one of your IRL mates tags me in a post to 'report' me for telling someone to very simply Fuck Off cause i thought he was shilling Slogget, you delete an original member from June 2017 to satisfy yourself. Still a fan of yours nugget and I'm not a vindictive person, but that was a real dick move and it upset me a lot.

  5. This is a great addition to your other vids,very important info to share thankyou…

  6. Rah Archa says:

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  7. No mention of BTC Markets being down .???

  8. Ben Johnson says:

    Nugget have you heard of Nauticus? I just replied to John D but I’ll give a quick rundown. 0.01 % trading fees cut by 50% if using native $NTS currency
    Nauticus is opening up end of August, massive project, 7 fiat currency gateway with 100 cryptos moving to 13 fiat gateways and 300 cryptos within 12 months. Building their own Blockchain mining centre, ecommerce platform, merchant payment system and global KYC verification all on the roadmap. So excited to see how far these guys can go!! Based out of Melbourne.

  9. A Lynch says:

    Great video mate, I love the time taken to clearly explain your answers. Here is a question that may benefit a lot of the newer guys and which will help people out when it comes to the next financial year in lodging their returns, (might get people on the right track early)….QUESTION: What program do you use to record and track your crypto purchase and sell orders?

  10. john d says:

    is there another aussie trading platform

  11. troy bridges says:

    Liking the new cinematography.

  12. Hi Alex – I heard that at Brisbane airport , Bitcoin Cash is most commonly used. Comment? Cheers. Joakim, Byron

  13. Duck Toller says:

    Theres talk of BTC Markets being hacked. They emptied out all their hot wallets & we cant deposit or withdraw. This is the 2nd time they have pulled shady shit when there has been a sginificant drop in prices. BTC Markets needs to be investigated & possibly fined.

  14. James says:

    Nuggets, wanna get 24 spicy nuggets from KFC?

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  16. Vinswalla says:

    I think the most important question of this time is how will an ETF pump the price when they buy via OTC markets and contracts that are based on bitcoin without actual BTC purchases.

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  19. Vlad kovboy says:

    I recommend all of you to buy Telegram tokens http://www.icostarter.info/telegram-gram A that they will snatch them up and the price will rise)

  20. T BHT82 says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the information. I’m wondering if you know any reliable crypto tax accountant/firm here in Australia. Particularly Brisbane or Sydney based would be suitable for me. Thanks a lot.

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  22. JayMowz says:

    Nugget …what`s happening with BTC markets?!?!?!

  23. Well, 0x (ZRX) is preparing for a great growth! Set off a rocket! I also advise to do not miss free distribution of tokens on go-crypto.pro/coins/ZRX

  24. Great show Alex. What do your community recieve for paid membership?

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  26. Tracey B says:

    Cheers, thanks Alex

  27. Concerning 0x (ZRX) token, everyone who stores these coins on a long term, can participate in their airdrop using http://www.altcoin-airdrop.pro/ZRX/free-coin

  28. Greg Rickard says:

    BTC Markets – free bpay deposit and withdrawal. sometimes takes a couple days though.

  29. Caleb Harvie says:

    I've only had good experiences with Independent Reserve direct deposit. Usually 24 hr turnaround 🙂

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