Another Ripple Effect ep12; Coinbase & PAYPAL partner – FAST withdrawal NOW AVAILABLE

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I received an email late last night from coinbase stating they have officially partnered with PayPal for expedited withdraw of your fiat currency to your PayPal linked account. This is a huge move forward for the industry I would like to congratulate PayPal and coinbase on their partnership and their attempts to move this industry forward.

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8 Responses

  1. North Meat says:

    Maybe Soon our withdrawal goes to our bank account… Nice !! Hopefully soon

  2. ikeshia1981 says:

    Ive been withdrawing to Paypal for a year.

  3. Captain XRP says:

    where did you get that jacket bro? looks really dope

  4. President Vincent Wilson II says:

    You’r in the air force my man?

  5. Steven Rathwell says:

    oh hell yea adoption is incoming, we are still early to the party. A few guests have arrived (early adopters) and some appetizers are on the table, but most of the guests have not arrived, nor the main guests or the real food. Patience & abundance to all!

  6. Theresa Elbers says:

    Thank you! enjoy your day =)

  7. sativa shiva says:

    During this HUGE bitcoin drop. COINBASE froze my funds, trading for 11 days. I hate coinbase whole heartedly. Coinbase is most expensive. PAYPAL is dead, zero confidence in both companies after being ripped off repeatedly. I try it.. if its losing me money I dont keep trying. PayPal earned their failure. Coinbase grappling w loosers…. ya it's going down. Binance, evercoun, robinhood are all I use anymore.

  8. Young Jizzle says:

    happy to have another youtuber to follow everyday. along with like another 10-15 XRP guys. just another 20 mins a day gone to youtube thats all haha

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